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Must-Have Features For a Web Browsing Phone

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What do you need to look for in a mobile phone handset to browse the Web effectively? The must-have features of your Web browsing phone.

QWERTY Keyboard – Don’t care what if somebody says something, you can’t browse the Web effectively without a QWERTY keyboard. Sure, you can type in small URLs using a touch screen, but try entering large chunks of text, like you need to when blogging, filling in online forms, or using Web 2.0 sites effectively, and suddenly the process becomes too painful to be of any use.

Fast network connection – If you’re going to browse the Web, you need a fast network connection. Anything above 512Mbps. anything less and you’ll go back to the dark days of dial-up modems, where you’d have a cup of tea waiting for a Web page to load.

If you’re processor is underpowered, you’ll have to out up with slow rendering of your Web pages. Using the mobile Web is all about speed. You need to access the content you want to see extremely quickly, as you’ll generally need it when you’re out and about, and waiting for a page to download while you’re searching for a book review.

Finally, one of the absolute essentials if you’re going to use the mobile Web is a flat rate data package from your mobile network operator that offers you unrestricted access to the Web for a fixed monthly fee with no download limits.

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Dec 21, 2007

Which Camera Phone You Buy This Christmas?

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Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s time to do a few recommendations to help those of you looking to buy a mobile phone for someone as the perfect Christmas present.

The first recommendation is in the camera phone category. Camera phones have been released by the bucket load this year, with 5 mega pixels now the norm for the top-end phones. These phones now come with picture quality so good, they’re actually on a par with digital cameras from just a few years ago.
Read on to see which camera phone should you buy for Christmas?
The main contenders are the:

  • Nokia N95 – Great camera, fantastic phone, with more features than you’ll know what to do with. But this review’s based on the quality of the camera, and the N95’s is marginally poorer than the G800 and K850i’s.
  • Sony Ericsson K850i – The benchmark in terms of image quality. Just a shame about its relatively sparse feature-list.
  • Samsung G800 – Pictures as good as the K850i, but with HSDPA and optical zoom. The clear winner.
  • Samsung G600 – Still a great camera phone compared to others, but not compared to the line up here. Super-slim, though, and extremely fashionable.
  • LG Viewty – Image quality good, but not as good as the top 3, but a great touch screen and the best in class video recorder.
  • Sony Ericsson K850i – The benchmark in terms of image quality. Just a shame about its relatively sparse feature-list.

Each of these offers 5 mega pixels, auto focus and a plethora of neat camera tricks – in other words, their high quality camera phones that’ll produce great looking pictures.

Dec 21, 2007