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Increase in Installation of Basic Security Software by SMBs

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There was a rather very good improvement when it comes to prioritization and budget for security software and services to protect their customers’ and their own most sensitive data by small and medium sized businesses.

Many number of SMBs are now are keeping data security on their top IT priority compared to previous year, according to a Symantec survey. SMB owners have also admitted that they are yet to implement even the most basic data security technologies and policies. About 33 percent of SMBs did not even install basic antivirus software application.

Many small and mid sized businesses have been neglecting their security infrastructure, but now-a-days they are beginning to invest the money on security to prevent cybercrimes and other related issues.

Many of the lawmakers are imposing on companies of all sizes to protect their customers’ data by passing legislation to have minimum security standards.

There would be considerable increase in the expenditure on data protection in 2010 when compared to the average expenditure $51,000 previous year.

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Oct 12, 2010

UK SMEs in Data Recovery Failure

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Many of the small and medium sized businesses in UK are still failing to protect the important data of their firms. This is according to a survey by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Acronis. About 600 small and medium sized businesses from France, UK and Germany took part in the study. It was accomplished to gauge the differences in backup adn data recovery practices among all the 3 countries.

According to the findings of the survey while coming to data recovery, UK has the worst attitude. About 38 percent of UK SMEs are claiming to never back up. On comparison with France and Germany, it is just 6 percent and 9 percent respectively.

Though UK has worst attitude towards data recovery, UK firms are most confident of making a faster recover in case of hardware crash or computer virus.

As per the survey, about 63 percent of the organizations take at least a day or more in order to recover from system downtime.

Serious threats like failure can be avoided by using simple backup procedures and the key data can be stored off-site of even in the ‘cloud’. There are many number of choices to back up the data.

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Oct 11, 2010