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APSera Tech Receives OPNETWORK 2011 Outstanding Best Practices Implementation Award

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Washington, D.C. (October 5, 2011) – For its strategic effort in ensuring successful cloud migration, Apsera Tech Inc., a premier Application Performance Monitoring (APM) consulting company, received an award of recognition from OPNETWORK on 31st August 2011 at Washington D.C.

The award for ‘Outstanding Best Practices Implementation’ was presented to Apsera Tech. in a ceremony held at OPNET’s fourteenth edition of annual technology conference, OPNETWORK 2011. The event attracted technology users, domain experts and thought leaders from all over the world. This year’s theme for OPNETWORK was on managing application performance in the cloud. Representing Apsera Tech. at the award ceremony was Sampath Prakash, President and CEO and John Sikora, Chief Technology Consultant.

“Apsera Tech. is honored to be recognized by OPNETWORK as an organization which established best practices. We believe this prestigious award reflects our dedication to following best practices in defining, measuring, improving, trouble shooting, and managing application transaction performance. This award is an excellent acknowledgement of the Apsera Tech. team that contributed to this success,” said Sampath Prakash, President and CEO, Apsera Tech.

When asked to brief about their exceptional milestone achievement and thought leadership, a spokesperson for Apsera Tech said, “A leading bio-tech company consulted us to consolidate its five data centers into a private cloud architecture. Major concerns included the post-migration performance of the client’s fifty business-critical applications, and accurately estimating bandwidth requirements at its new cloud data centers.”

He further added, “We conducted a two-track assessment project leveraging OPNET solutions. One focused on response time analysis, and the other on bandwidth estimation. Using AppTransaction Xpert, we identified the applications that could be migrated to the cloud without significant performance degradation. Traffic information, organized by business group, was obtained from AppResponse Xpert and used to simulate probable traffic patterns in AppTransaction Xpert, and accurately estimate bandwidth requirements. Using OPNET solutions, we were able to successfully migrate our client’s applications to the private cloud.”

‘Outstanding Best Practices Implementation Award’ is part of OPNETWORK’s Best of OPNETWORK Achievement Awards program that encourages users to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. OPNET Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of solutions for application and network performance management.

Since its founding in 2005, Apsera Tech has served companies from diverse fields by recommending and implementing the Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, optimized specially for their businesses.
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Oct 5, 2011 Increases Visitors By 300%

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (October 1, 2011) –, which has been on the forefront in providing useful and functional information about Hyderabad, recently announced that it has increased number of visitors by over 300% in the last year.

This rapid popularity stands as testimony to the quality of content that is provided on the HIOC site. Hyderabad India Online started with a simple goal to serve the middle class educated and hardworking people in Hyderabad with useful/functional information to lead a sensible and virtuous lifestyle. Over the last four years it managed to grow in popularity among the Hyderabadis with its insightful and unbiased content.

When asked to speak on this achievement, a spokesperson for HIOC said, “We thank our viewers for the support given to us in the last year. We have received hundreds of positive reviews and comments from users. Some of our articles remain extremely popular and are referred daily by hundreds of users.”

Further, he said, “The reason to our success is simple – unlike most sites focused on entertainment and latest news – we at HIOC have taken a principled view to make a positive impact on Hyderabad City with our site, while providing information that is useful and helpful to Hyderabad citizens.”

Articles in HIOC are spread across several sections like Living@Hyd, Opinions, Education, Information, Humor, Social, Real Estate, and Health etc.

Living@Hyd section provides information about radio stations in Hyderabad, Hyderabad biryani, Hyderabad maps, Hyderabad petrol, etc., which is very useful for the people of Hyderabad. The information that is provided here will help people get acquainted with facilities that are present in Hyderabad city to enable better quality of living.

The Information section keeps you informed about major developments in Hyderabad. This information will increase your awareness about current happenings in Hyderabad and develops an objective outlook.

Articles in Opinions, Education, Social and Real Estate sections are insightful, original and unbiased – that is what differentiates them from other websites.

The site developers have stated that, “We look forward to continue to serve our clients with high quality content that enables them to live their life well in Hyderabad City.”

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Oct 1, 2011

Premier Glow Offers Glow Sticks At Wholesale Prices On Bulk Purchase

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Collierville, TN (September 29, 2011) – Premier Glow, a leading online supplier of glow sticks, party novelties and light up toys is now offering glow sticks and other glow products at wholesale prices on bulk purchases enabling its customers to save significantly on party items.

Planning to arrange a night party, but worried about the costs of the party novelties? How about getting all the party supplies at cheaper prices? Check, which is offering glow sticks and other glow products at wholesale prices (like never before) when purchased in bulk. Now you can make your night celebrations more colorful and eventful with an array of glow products offered by Premier Glow at cheaper prices.

Commenting on the offer, a spokesperson for Premier Glow said, “We believe that no evening or night party is complete without beautiful and exciting glow products and that is why we sell glow products at wholesale prices so that all party hosts can afford these light up products.”

He further said that, “This decision has also been taken considering the growing demand of our products. As more and more buyers are purchasing our products and are generally in large numbers, we decided to reduce our margin so that our customers are comfortable in making bulk purchases, though not compromising on the quality of our products.”

Premier Glow normally sells single six inch glow sticks at a price of $0.86, but when the same are bought in bulk quantities of 25+ or 500+ or 1000+, a single glow stick is available at a price of $0.50, $0.45 and $0.42 respectively, making it cost effective for the customers.

Premier Glow offers wide variety of glow products in different sizes, models and colors. Among its product range, glow sticks are the most popular category. They are available in 9 colors – red, blue, green, purple, orange, white, pink, aqua and yellow and in different sizes of 6 to 12 inches and also mini glow sticks of 1.5 inches.

Apart from glow sticks, other glow products offered by Premier Glow include glow necklaces, rings, bracelets, glow swords, wands, confetti cannons, holiday toys (for Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), light up toys, light up barware, promotional products, LED products and a whole range of night golf material. All these products are available at wholesale prices.

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Sep 29, 2011 Announces Its “The Light Up The Grill” Contest

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CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. –, a free website that allows homeowners and landscape professionals to create “virtual” yards, share tips, and create friendships, today announced its newest exciting yard contest, “The Light Up the Grill Contest”. This contest, which is announced in view of upcoming summer (bbq season), invites contestants to submit images of their outdoor cooking area.

The contestants are allowed to submit their images, including bbq grills, outdoor kitchens, smokers, and any other area or tool they use to cook. They can submit their photographs until September 30, 2011. The best creative image will be awarded with the Omaha Steaks Gift Card worth $250. Visitors and members have already started voting online from August 1, 2011. Voting will continue until September 30, 2011. Official rules of the contest can be found at founder, Bryan Powell said, “We conduct contests to encourage our members to showcase their creativity. This particular contest is being conducted to highlight the barbeque season in which cooking in outdoor spaces is an integral part of the enjoyment of our yards.”

YardShare provides do-it-yourself tips, creative ideas, step-by-step illustration of construction of yards and many more to help amateurs, professionals and garden enthusiasts design their yards and gardens.

With an archive of more than 12,000 images, this site is a perfect one stop solution for creative design ideas of outdoor spaces. It has a separate section for constructing different types of gardens.

Powell offers themed advice columns under the “Yard Ideas” tab on YardShare, which is open to both amateur and professional yard and garden enthusiasts. Some of the most popular articles are – Creating Privacy: 10 creative ways to make a front or backyard more private; Outdoor Entertainment: Make your yard the life of the party; The Taste of the Garden: Edible Gardens and more!

The members are also allowed to share their yard ideas and post pictures. One can even get some really advanced and sophisticated designing ideas and suggestions from experts. So, make sure that you visit this site to make your outdoor spaces look more unique, attractive and creative.

Bryan Powell, 32, founded in 2008 when he couldn’t find online inspiration for building his own back-yard kitchen and patio. Powell, who lives in Castro Valley, Calif., and works for a financial management company in San Francisco, began working in his free time to merge technology and neighborhood to create a virtual community of advisors and launched YardShare (“Knocking down fences”). Today it is an online community of more than 5,000 members and over 40,000 unique monthly visitors, many of whom post pictures of and step-by-step DIY instructions for their landscaping, design and yard projects; YardShare’s archives contain more than 12,000 images.

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Sep 17, 2011

This is Dentistry – An Impartial And Up-To-Date Dental Information Website For The UK Public

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London, UK (September 12, 2011) – A multitude of websites and other dentistry resources can be found online, but nothing compares to the information and convenience provided by This is Dentistry – an independent site with the latest information in the world of dentistry. This is Dentistry makes it easier for everyone to get the dental information they need and want – in the most convenient ways possible.

What sets This is Dentistry apart from other online dentistry sources?
Studies show that a significant percentage of the UK public (approximately 25-50 %!) do not visit the dentist, for various reasons. The focus of This is Dentistry is to empower the public with information that is easy to find, and easy to understand. The goal of This is Dentistry is to encourage and invite the public to share their experiences, and to discuss their fears and problems with expert UK dentists – without having to make a commitment to specific treatments. This is Dentistry aims to change the face of dentistry in the UK with the use of social media blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus, and forming a mutually-beneficial dental community consisting of ordinary people and expert UK dentists.

When asked about how this website helps the UK public, a spokesperson for said, “We are aware that many people fear dentists and the tools and gadgets that the dentists use. This is Dentistry aims to educate the public with information on the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in the world of dentistry, so more people will discover that dentistry has made leaps and bounds in treating dental problems in recent years. The latest technology can now make nearly-painless dentistry possible.”

He also said, “There are now more dentists who will go out of their way to make their patients as comfortable as possible, easing their dental fears and anxieties. Dentistry as we know it now recognizes the need for a patient to feel relaxed when it comes to dental treatments, and this is the reason why we have dental hypnotist advisors onboard. We hear of countless stories about people refusing to go even for a routine dental checkup for years, because of the crippling fear that they experience with the mere thought of seeing the dentist.”

This is Dentistry provides an opportunity for patients to break through the walls of their dentist fears, so they can get the dental treatments they need and deserve without having to deal with panic attacks.

Features that set This is Dentistry apart from other online dental directories:

  • Easy to use online dental directory for patients
  • Completely independent and impartial directory
  • Easy to understand, up-to-date information on dental treatments, common problems and brand names
  • Easily find a dentist in your area
  • View the profile page of featured dentists showing their patient images and practice videos
  • Patients can readily contact expert dental advisors
  • Patients can “Get a Quote” from a dentist listed in This is dentistry
  • Continuously changing dental information to benefit both patients and dentists
  • Members of the public can share their problems with others and ”Get Quick Answers”
  • Latest dental blog & news topics
  • Patient forum, where you can discuss dental topics with UK dentists

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Sep 12, 2011

Drugalcoholtest Offers Best Quality Drug Test Kits at Very Affordable Prices

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Greenville, South Carolina (September 05, 2011) – Drug Alcohol Test, a well-recognized professionally managed online business store, is offering the best quality drug test kits at very affordable prices to its customers. is one of the most popular online stores which offers wide range of alcohol and drug testing kits. This store has got wide selection of drug test kits specially designed to conduct various drug tests at home, schools and work places.

At DAT, on-site drug test kits are available for various drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and nicotine in various testing formats like urine drug testing and oral drug testing. Though test kits are available for various drugs, marijuana drug testing kits are their specialty and their most popular product category.

All the drug testing kits offered by DAT adhere to the FDA guidelines and SAMHSA cut-off levels. A wide variety of breath analyzers are also offered by DAT.

Speaking about their products, a spokesperson from Drug Alcohol Test said, “We are specialized in selling wide range of products at the most affordable prices. Our aim is to provide products that are easy to use, confidential and economical. We guarantee our customers that they can get the quality products at a price that is 10% less than any competitor’s price.”

He further said that “We offer free shipping on the orders above $25.”

Other products DAT offers include pregnancy test kits, ovulation test kits, urine adulteration test kits, single and multi-panel urine drug test kits, menopause drug tests, nicotine testing kits, urine testing cups, hair drug tests, specimen validity tests, EZ test cups and adulterants and so on. These kits are simple, user-friendly and affordable.

Some of the new drug testing products offered by DAT are CLIA waived tests. As CLIA regulates all laboratory testing systems in US and require extensive documentation, the laboratories have to work in compliance with CLIA. However, these newer drugs testing products from DAT which are CLIA waived does not require extensive documentation and can be performed easily.

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Sep 5, 2011

Drugteststrips Offers High Quality Drug Test Kits Chosen By Experienced Pharmacists

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Greenville, South Carolina (Sep 05, 2011) –, a professionally managed online drug test kits provider, is offering a wide range of quality testing solutions chosen by professional judgment of experienced pharmacists.

With the increased demand of the drug testing kits, many shady retailers have evolved in the market to cash-in the opportunity by selling low quality drug test kits, which often result in many false positives and false negatives. Many people today are not sure as who is providing quality drug test kits.

If you are one of them, looking for reliable, accurate and easy to use drug testing kits, you should definitely visit Drug Test Strips offers a variety of tests that effectively detect the commonly abused drugs. Their urine testing kits are approved by FDA and comply with SAMHSA cutoff levels.

When asked about the quality of the products, a spokesperson for Drug test Strips said, “Drug testing is a very specialized field and it is continuously evolving. To suit customers of all backgrounds, we offer a wide range of on-site drug and alcohol test kits, all of which are chosen by professional and experienced pharmacists here at Drug Test Strips. Our professionals assess the analytic and clinical validity of tests before they are offered to the customers.”

Whether you are an employer looking to reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol at the workplace or a parent suspicious of kids abusing alcohol or other illicit drugs, DTS offers convenient and accurate tools to identify the drug abusers at homes, offices, schools etc.

These drug testing kits come in single and multi-panel format. Single test panel kits detect the presence of one drug in the given sample. While multi-panel drug test kits can effectively detect 10-12 drugs at one time using a single sample.

Besides offering drug testing kits and home drug tests, also offers laboratory confirmation services for further confirmation of specimens for drug usage.

Drug Test Strips also provides quality alcohol detection solutions in the form of breathalyzers (D.O.T / NHTSA approved) and saliva tests. It also offers an assortment of menopause test, ovulation test and pregnancy test kits.

Various drug testing solutions offered by products have been found to be highly accurate and are guaranteed against defects in labeling and packaging until the stated expiration date. These drug tests and solutions are affordable for home buyers, corporate customers, schools, offices etc.

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Sep 5, 2011

Premier Glow to Add New Glow Products and Flashing Toys to Its Halloween Party Supplies

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Collierville TN (August 26, 2011) – Premier Glow, a leader in wholesale glow sticks and party novelties, recently announced that it is expanding its Halloween product range to multiply the enthusiasm of its customers this holiday season.

Looking for new glow products for this year’s Halloween’s party? Check, Premier Glow, a leading online store that offers glow sticks and other glow products. It is adding a whole new lot of glow products targeting the audience for the Halloween parties.

A spokesperson for Premier Glow said, “We know that Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday. People of all ages are looking for new products to make this spooky night memorable. So, we continue to innovate and deliver a variety of Halloween-themed products to our customers.”

Some of the new Halloween items Premier Glow is expecting are:

  • Flashing Pumpkin Lanyard necklace
  • Flashing Ghost Lanyard necklace
  • Light up Pumpkin Spinning Ball
  • Flashing Eye Ball Rings
  • Light up Medieval Ax

From spooky flashing led necklaces to fun light up pumpkin wands, and flashing eye ball rings, there are certainly plenty of products to choose from for this season.

Sources from Premier Glow said that they will receive these products in this month. They also said that they will make sure to have these products in stock for bulk purchases too.

When asked about the quality of the new products, the spokesperson said, “These products are of the same quality which we have always maintained. They are 100% safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Though the quality is high, they are inexpensive.”

These Halloween-themed products are a new addition to their ever expanding collection of glow products. Recently, they added many new glow products and flashing toys to their general category section. Their selection of glow products includes glow necklaces, glow sticks, glow bracelets, and even glow golf balls for night golf.

In addition to general parties and Halloween celebrations, they offer glow products for various occasions including Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years, Eve, ST Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
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Aug 26, 2011