What are the Dangers of Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is very dangerous to anyone who drives after drinking alcohol. At anytime, they may get arrested as they tend to take more risks. This mostly happens with youngsters, who mostly drunk and drive and are responsible for many fatal accidents. Even though the penalties vary from state to state, for minors if the BAC is over 0.01, it results in DUI and the legal limit of alcohol for adults, which is over 0.08. Most drivers get arrested under DUI for an average of 0.16 BAC.

Drinking alcohol below legal age is illegal, most minors and teenagers are drinking alcohol, these days. Alcohol drinking and driving associated may lead to car crashes and kills a number of teenagers. This will also kill many innocent people. Drunk driving is thus dangerous.

For drunk-driving, even the first-time offenders also receive the fines and even we see many of them in jail and now the judges are mandated by state laws, by which they are to impose higher penalties for the repeated offenders. It is a continuous problem and is forcing the police to impose more restrictions and increase the penalties for the drivers who are drinking or have BAC 0.08 or more. This is not only fining the penalties but also sometimes the license will be suspended for 6 months and if the case is serious and repeated then it may for even 2 to 3 years. This will also leads to higher car insurance premiums and probation for 3 to 5 years etc. depends upon the case.

Affect of alcohol on you:

  • You loose the sense of distance and see double, your speech will slur.
  • From poisoning of alcohol you will get sick and sometimes even die.
  • Your inhibitions will be loosen that leads to make bad judgments, which results in car accidents, violence etc.
  • This will also cost you your freedom, you can lose your driving license, grounded by parents and even end up in jail.

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, but most of you think that it will quench your thirst.