‘Tweet’ in Oxford English Dictionary

Twitter, the social media platform, has been in news not for its growing number of audiences but the word ‘Tweet’ has been included in Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in its June 2013 edition. The word ‘tweet’ has been found to be having more currency and use than any other word.

Twitter has become popular within a short time-span. As many as 340 million Tweets posted daily.

According to the dictionary, Tweet is ‘to post a message to Twitter’. The noun and the verb forms of the word have been added to the dictionary.

OED has already the word ‘tweet’ included, which means bird song. Now it will have one more ‘official definition’ in the new edition of the dictionary. As per convention of OED to be included in it, a new word needs to be around for 10 years but they made an exception for ‘tweet’.

Source – dailymail