Volkswagen and GM Announced New Jobs in US Plants

Demand for auto in US is leading to increase in production. Similarly plants are advancing for effective production in technical and in output value. Major car makers in US General Motors and Volkswagen have announced their new requirements in plants.

Both have announced about new job opportunities in their plants, Volkswagen recruited 200 members for production process and GM recruited 180 members. They are offering those jobs for reaching the market demand and increasing output production.

Employment opportunities are increasing in US. Recently Nissan motors announces about 1,200 workers in Tennessee in Mexico and Chrysler announced 1,100 new workers in Detroit and 1,600 workers in Illinois – to be recruited.

The main intention of Volkswagen recruitment is their new model Passat midsize sedan have good demand in the market; they require 200 production force for making production fast in Chattanooga, Tenn., factories.

GM is building metal stamping plant at a cost of $200 millions in Arlington and Texas. GM is building this plant for redesigning full size truck Style of SUV sedans, GM is hiring 180 workers for stamping the plant.