Third Shift Facilities in US are Increasing Auto Production

From this year some motor manufacturing companies adding additional shifting hours. Many facilities adding additional 8 hours as third shift those are providing additional jobs in the country. These third shift facilities have increased the facilities capacity by 80% which is double than 2009 capacity(41%).

Demand of light vehicles in US is boosting the facilities production in US, light vehicle demand is high since 1984. third shift is adding the new job opportunities to people GM only require 4,300 people in their plants. Third shifts provides good payroll and tax benefits. Many people said third shift is very flexible in hours, time is 10.30 pm to 6.30 am.

GM, Ford motors, Chrysler groups, Nissan motors and Kia motor plants are continuing production in traditional two shift basis but they are planning to add the additional shift in their plants for increasing their output production.

Mr. Holly Sears, Vice president of economic development for Rutherford country commerce chamber said “Every motor manufacturer has a positive outlook for 2012 and 2013”. Third shift manufacturing may prove helpful to those who are about to reach their market demand.