Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sued for Fueling His Drug Addiction

The death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop is really a great loss to the entertainment industry. The investigations about his death are still going on and a latest development in the case is suing Micheal’s personal doc for fueling his drug addiction.

Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein has been accused for providing him with the pain killers and the muscle relaxers which led him to prescription drug addiction. For some time his doctor Conrad Murray was in this story. But now according to the lawsuit filed by Dr. Klein’s former assistant Jason Pfeiffer, Klein provided serious drugs to Jackson.

The assistant added saying that these drug made Jackson unable to stand on his own. He was often told by his boss, to help Jackson to his car because he was so out of it. Even though he and Klein’s nurses warned him about the over medication, they were always told to shut their mouths.

He was also claiming that Klein tried to give Jackson, prescription muscle relaxers in 2009 by writing the prescription in Pfeiffer’s name. Other documents are also stating that Klein used to write many prescriptions for numerous sedatives and painkillers in Pfeiffer’s name for his own consumption as well as for other patients.

Besides this lawsuit filed by Pfeiffer, DR. Murray also accused Klein of getting Jackson addicted to Demerol, a narcotic. He gave Jackson 51 Demerol injections in three months before Jackson’s death.

These claims are seriously denied by Klein and his attorney said in a statement that all these things are false and scurrilous and will be proven baseless in the court.