Mercedes is the Leading Luxury Car Segment for December, 2011 in US

The competitors in the luxury segment in the US auto market are few. Those are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These two are closely competing to lead the segment. As on 10th December, 2011, Mercedes-Benz leads the segment by selling 5,000 units more than the competitor (BMW).

Mercedes-Benz reached their deliveries successfully with the help of C-Class, E-Class and redesigned M-Class models. Mercedes-Benz increased these brand sales growth with 47% to sell 26,796 units. Mercedes-Benz C-Class increased its sales value by double the number for November to 8,358 units from 3,930 units (last year same period).

Mercedes-Benz got lineup boost to production, they are increasing production for redesigned M-Class SUVs and C-Class sedans. These both models got good performance support in the US auto market. In November, M-Class deliveries saw 38% growth with 4,976 units getting delivered.

Industry analysts of say that, there is a neck to neck competition among the luxury brands, we cannot say who will lead the market. December is traditionally best to Mercedes-Benz in sales, and it may lead the luxury segment at the end of the year.