One in the Five have Knowingly Taken Lift from a Drunken Driver

It is quite common in people to do errors unknowingly, without their knowledge. But what if they do it knowingly. Yes, a recent study revealed that people even after knowing the fact that the driver is drunken still asked him for a lift.

The survey was conducted by AA Motor Insurance Poll, in which it was found out that one in the five respondents admitted that they have knowingly taken the lift from a driver whose drinking limit exceeded the legal blood alcohol level of 0.8mg within the last two years.

This poll received nearly 14,000 responses revealing that the higher portion of 17-24 years old which accounts 26.1% have accepted the lift from someone they know that they had alcohol over the legal limit.

The officials from the policy said that even the passengers do not have the right to break the law themselves in any circumstances and suggest them to have a moral responsibility. They also told that Alcohol driving is the third contributing factor of road accidents and the people taking the lift should consider the above fact.

The people polled in the survey also admitted that they had got in to a car with a driver they knew to be in a very bad hangover. Nearly 35.6% of them had this kind of lift at least once within the last two years.

45% also told that they had driven in the morning after the night before they had alcohol and they are not sure whether they had returned to legally permissible levels. The study also showed that 49.8% of men compared to 39.7% of women have taken this drive at the same point within the last two years.

This stats reveal that how people are careless about lives and how they are encouraging the fellowmen to go against the rules and indirectly making most of the accidents happen.