BBC Radio Presenter Died After Taking Drugs

Drug Abuse is seen mostly among the elite group especially in case of expensive drugs. Moreover, celebrities from different fields are often associated with drug abuse. A similar situation happened to one of the radio presenters which cost him his life.

The BBC radio presenter George Webley died of a heart attack after consuming the illelgal drug mephedrone. He was popularly known as Big George, aged about 53 and was found dead at his home in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. He had been working at London 94.9 as a presenter and was also known to compose tunes for few popular shows.

Mephedrone, a class B drug has been found in his blood and recorded as a verdict of misadventure. This drug which is called as ‘meow meow’ was made illegal during last year.

George also suffered a heart attack in 1996, however the doctors now reported that his death was given as ischaemic heart disease and illicit use of cathinones, an extract from a plant called khat.

This news again reflected the harm caused by illicit drug abuse particularly on the older adults. Even though the number of deaths are increasing due to illicit drug abuse, people are not bothered about it. They are not much concerned about their later life, but are thinking about the present joy and excitement.

They never knew how their families suffer after their loss and moreover, when it is revealed that a family lost their member due to drug abuse, the remaining family members will also be disrespected by the entire society.