New Consumer Appliances for Future: 2012

Consumer electronics technology is changing the users tastes and their requirements. Worldwide, top manufacturers of consumer electronics are competing with themselves to come up with new innovations. New innovations in CES (consumer electronics show) takes place every year in January. Similarly, for this year also many number of new appliances are also being revealed at the show.

For the year 2012, more than 3,000 exhibitors from all across the globe have showcased their new technology products in the show. CES is buzzing with 20,000 new consumer appliances. The new technology this time is mainly focused on the equipments sizes and designs,most of the appliances in the CES appear as touch and slim designs.

The appliances which are being showcased are laptops, tablets, PCs, 3D printers, iPods, smart phones and smart televisions. Huge number of home appliances are also coming with new advanced technology. In the TV sector, dual view and dual sound HD TV’s are the latest trend. They provide two TV facilities on a single screen. And also 3D television equipments, 3D-ptinters providing the chief 3D prints with two colors are getting huge demand. The major manufacturers are coming with smart phones and advanced home appliances, which are very much eco-friendly.