Renault to Launch Duster Soon in India

Product launches and continuous innovation in the the automobiles has become common affair in India and these activities are actually keeping the Indian auto market afresh. There are many foreign players who are operating in the luxury car segment in India. And one of the emerging auto makers of the Indian market is Renault, a France based automaker. This company is looking to brings its Duster which is a SUV in to the Indian market. Renault is bringing Duster to India to cope up with the cut throat competition in the Indian automobile market. The company also thinks that India is the potential market for Duster.

The Renault Duster has 1600cc, Petrol engine, 105 Bhp which produces a torque of 148 Nm. It has 5 speed manual transmission, bifocal head lamps in the front, the bumper area to be covered with plastic. The 16v inch wheels would also be adding up to the SUV masculinity amongst its other features.

Renault is operating in India in collaboration with Mahindra & Mahindra and this association of Renault, M&M had launched their ambitious vehicle Maindra Renault Logan, but they could not taste the success with this car. Renault Logan manufacturing rights lies with Mahindra and Mahindra, but Renault is looking to launch Duster in the Renault portfolio itself. Under the ensuing plans, Renault would be launching five cars under its own name. Renault Duster is also being seen as the world’s cheapest SUV to hit India and the company may launch Duster in India anywhere around December this year or early 2012. Renault is also looking to quote a reasonable price for the SUV, while the other companies are looking to increase the prices of their vehicles.