G.M. Will Accelerate Chevrolet’s Malibu Production

The manufacturing of the 2013 Malibu will begin in January 2012 and the cars will reach the dealers sooner than expected. Malibu will be introduced to the public on Chevrolet’s Face book page and at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car will be introduced at the New York Auto show.

G.M. has already indicated that it will be using the same platform as Buick Regal for the production of Malibu and this car will be smaller than the current model. In this model a range of 4 cylinder engines will be offered. The company redesigned the rear which would be more interesting than previous models. It has a battery powered electric mechanism for the motor, one can expect nearly 50percent increase in fuel mileage over the other 3.6-liter V-6′s.

General Motors is planning to sell this car in nearly hundred countries belonging to six continents and this car will be built in China and United States. It will be the first midsize Chevrolet to be sold globally.

Chevrolet Malibu is a mid size car. Malibu name was first seen on a Chevrolet in 1964, and the current automobile was introduced in 2008. Malibu was the best selling car for the General Motors in 2010 with sales of nearly 200,000 units. It is a very important product for GM and the introduction of the next generation will undoubtedly involve a major marketing effort.