Importance of Random Drug Testing at Schools

Drug abuse is common among students due to peer pressure and other reasons. They are responsible for crime and disputes at schools. Learning and memory skills of students are affected by drug abuse. So it is necessary to conduct random drug testing on students to avoid these problems. Marijuana drug test, cocaine drug test, and nicotine drug test are some of the tests which can be conducted as a part of drug-testing programs.

A random drug testing is nothing but testing students randomly without prior notice. Urine, saliva, and hair drug tests can be included in random drug testing. As the students are not mentioned about the test in advance, there is no chance to adulterate sample or check ways for passing the test.

Random drug testing is very much beneficial for schools. It helps in monitoring the behavior of students. Social as well as individual behavior of students can be maintained by checking for drug addiction. Random drug tests help in providing in-time and effective treatment for drug abused students. Elimination of crime related activities in schools is possible through random drug testing.

Instead of conducting each test like marijuana drug test or cocaine drug test individually, it is better to use multi-panel drug test kits. Multi-panel drug test kits are cost-effective and also can test many drugs at a time. Five panel and 10 panel drug test kits are used by schools for conducting random drug tests.

Random drug tests help in enhancing proper maintenance of students’ health. It also improves safety and discipline in schools. Certain education programs have to be conducted for avoiding drug addiction among students.