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Asset Management Made Easy with Barcode Technology

Posted by Gavin Moodie on February 17, 2011 at 4:07 am

Asset management systems are used to track individual physical items. Barcode technology used for asset management is very helpful for various organizations. Barcode readers are integrated with handheld computers and are used for performing audits or tracking the movement of items.

Barcode asset management systems can track a wide range of items which are physical and having value, operational importance, and security implications. Critical equipment in manufacturing industries, secure documents, safety equipment like fire extinguishers, and vehicles are some of the examples of items which can be traced by barcode asset management systems. For example, asset management integrating barcodes can track assets like books and computers in an educational institutions. Many educational institutions are found to use Symbol scanners as a part of asset management system.

Asset management systems use specific software which helps in allowing to track the assets. Each asset of an organization is given a specific barcode number. The barcodes are printed on labels by barcode printers. When an asset is released to use, then the barcode label is attached on it. A barcode scanner mostly portable barcode scanner is attached to the asset management system. The scanner reads data on the barcodes of assets which gives the data of the asset immediately. In this way accurate auditing can be made easy by application of barcode technology. Symbol barcode scanner and others are designed in portable models for use in asset management.

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