SkodaAuto Launching SUV Skoda Yeti in India

The first sports utility vehicles, Yeti, in the country was launched by one of the promising automobile companies, SkodaAuto India. It was priced between Rs. 15.40 and 16.62 lakh. In India, the Skoda has been operating from November 2001 as a subsidiary of the SkodaAuto a.s. Czech Rupublic. This company is the fastest growing manufacturer in Europe.

This company can expands it’s product range and can serve a wider target customers by launching this Skoda Yeti. According to the officials of the SkodaAuto India, a new SUV segment, between the existing premium and low cost offer vehicles, will be created by this new model. And it will be good competitor to the C plus segment of sedans and other SUVs.

This model will come in six speed manual transmission and high pressure direct in injection technology system with mileage of 17.67 km per litre and it is powered by 2 litre TDI CR engine with a maximum power of 140 bhp at 4200 rpm.