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Small Businesses – Future Job Creators

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Posted by bm2209 on June 24, 2010 at 4:13 am

After the great recession, the main concern in the nation now is unemployment. Small businesses play a major role in filling this employment gap. US president Brack Obama recently declared an export policy target setting a goal of doubling the America’s exports in the next five years. He said that it will support 2 million American jobs. He is now more focussed on small businesses to participate in exports and at the same time hire more people.

A recent survey by Wakefield stated that more than 70 percent of Americans think small businesses can turn around the economy compared to the federal government.

In order to do this, small business owners should take actions to expand their companies in possible way. Small business owners need to take carefull measures in investment of expansion. For the growth of small businesses,

  • More access to public and private funds
  • Re-examine corporate tax policy
  • Educate small business owners who are struggling with shortages of workers with particular skills and inject some managerial skills
  • New ways to foster “innovation-friendly” environments should be explored
  • Government counseling programs should be strengthened

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