Smuggling Of Drugs By Various DTOs

Smuggling of drugs is a very old kind of business and time to time smuggling groups are changing. In earlier period of time, drugs smuggling business was ruled by Columbian DTOs, but in present time drugs business are dominated by Mexican DTO’s. These groups constitute greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States and earn billions of dollars annually from the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs activities.

  • Expansion of Mexican DTO’s
    This is deeply involved in drug trafficking activities in the United States than any other DTOs and they are the only DTOs which are operating in all nine Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) regions.

    Only this DTOs group is more active than any other DTOs group throughout the cities. According to Law enforcement report and case initiation data Mexican DTOs control mostly cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine distribution in the United States as well as much of the marijuana distribution.

    In recent year this DTOs group expanded their operations in the Florida, Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey, and New England Regions, where earlier Colombian DTOs were the leading suppliers of cocaine and heroin.

  • Expansion of Asian DTOs
    Influence of Asian DTOs were observed and reported by law enforcement agencies in 2008 and it continued to increase in 2009. According to NDTA report 2010, trafficked wholesale quantities of drugs is 24 HIDT in 2008 it was just 22 HIDT in 2007. Theses group are the predominant distributors of MDMA and high-potency marijuana which are associated with low criminal penalties and high profit margins.
  • Expansion of Cuban DTOs
    Influences of these DTOs are increasing slowly in the drugs market but this growth is slower than Asian DTOs activity. Influence of Cuban DTOs and criminal groups is noticed because of they have ability to exploit Cuban emigres to establish indoor marijuana grow sites locations throughout the Florida/Caribbean and Southeast Regions.

These are the three main DTOs around the world which are widely famous and growing their influence year by year. Among all Mexican DTOs belongs to top of the rank and then this ranking is followed by Asian DTOs and Cuban DTO’s.