The Cost Effective Urine Drug Test

Urine drug testing is cost effective method and is the test which is done most frequently. Urine test is generally conducted because of its speedy analysis. It detects the presence of drug metabolites. These drug metabolites indicate the influence of the drug in the body. It also reveals the recent usage of the drug.

When a drug was taken it is harder to determine using the urine test rather than the determining it with blood test.

Urine is collected at a remote place and urine is being split into two samples. By the use of first sample the drug is analyzed by the laboratory method known as the immunoassay which is used for detecting the substance by antibody reactive which is the first screening method. If the result of the first test is positive then another sample is sent for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) methodology. Then the results are reviewed by the physician. If the result is negative then there is no drug influence on the body. If the result is positive then the person is under drug influence.

In U.S, 5% of all pre-employed samples of the job seekers turn out to be positive. Even the percentages are much higher in the case of post-employment cases. The major limitation using the urine drug test is that they should conduct both the tests.