2010 Employment: Expect a Slight Upturn

2009 was badly affected by the recession. There was a huge shortage of jobs and development in that year.

But according to HR managers of European companies, 2010 will expect a slight upturn in employment condition. The 5th annual European HR Barometer also shows the prospects for growth and job creation in coming time.

In previous year, 71 percent companies predicted workforce reduction and only 8 percent of businesses expected to create new jobs. But in 2010, only 44% companies predicted workforce reduction and businesses expected 20% growth in new job creation.

High expectation for new job is driven from EU policy survey. As per this survey 66 percent of HR managers see the creation of a new growth plan for fostering innovation in education and research as a top priority for the new European Commission.

According to Leonardo Sforza, chairman of the EChr Scientific Committee, prospect for growth and job will fill the gap of productivity between US and Europe. Therefore, all statistic data shows a prospect job condition and potential growth in coming year.