Pyramids – A Wonder of Constructions

Pyramids stand as one of the still unsolved mysteries of ancient world. Their construction methodology was so great that even many of the researchers couldn’t figure it out on how they were constructed. You could have probably known the Pyramid of Giza. It is the only existing wonder of the ancient world. It has been in the list of wonders of the world and no modern technology could give it the apt competition.

Do you remember Imhotep of a movie on Egypt? He was not such a bad person as he was shown. He is the first Egyptian architect to document an Egyptian Pyramid or the tomb of his Pharaoh named Djozer. And thus the Egyptians had the first ever pyramid named the Step Pyramid of Djozer.

Most of all the Egyptian Pyramids were tombs of the Great kings who ruled the reign. Those kings used to bury all the needed food, cattle and even some maids to be buried with them. They used to think that they will come back to rule their reign again. And even they used to preserve their bodies which we presently call as mummifying. Till now nobody came back, but those treasures which they preserved, were the main cause of the destruction of their tombs. Poor Pharaohs!

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