Hotels Honor Customers’ Cutbacks

This is the cutbacks season. You can see your neighbor spending less on dog food; other foreign-neighbor is cutting back his regular tour to his hometown; your friend says she is not interested in shopping; your cousin says he is cutting his regular weekend party for one year, etc, etc, etc. Some may be surprising, some amusing, and some embarrassing. Still not to worry, because you have many retailers and businesses giving you amazing discounts and offers, you could ever imagine of. Thanks to the cutback season.

Especially, in the hospitality industry, where even a big discount still appears small, you can look at enticing and astonishing offers. This is not confined to any small locality at the corner of the world. The entire hospitality industry is ready to provide whatever discount you (customers) need to start the regular spending back.

In New York, for example, you can now have a room at as less as $159 a night. The hotel rates in Beijing have dropped by 13 percent. Even the grand hotels of United Arab Emirates are waiting for the travelers with their special packages.

So, if you were reluctant for a vacation tour, I hope you have enough information to carry on with tour plans.

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