Choosing Between Renting a House and an Apartment

Choosing between renting a house and an apartment is very difficult. It depends based on many personal factors as well as environmental factors.

In general, the following is my opinion on choosing between apartment and an individual house.

Renting an apartment has many advantages over renting a house. In apartments, you have an out-and-out maintenance staff. So you don’t have to do the messy stuff yourself. The security must also be taken into account here.

There are many people living in places where you don’t find adequate security. In case of apartments, you find neighbors very next you, available in any crisis, and a 24 hour security.

You can have a reliable source of tax reduction at least to some extent, but you don’t find this in many cases of renting a house.

Renewal of renting period is also major issue in case of houses, which you don’t find much in case of apartments.

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