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Stephen Hawking’s New Time Piece

Posted by Jose Barreto on September 29, 2008 at 4:14 am

Our great scientist Stephen Hawking unveils a strange clock featuring a giant grass hopper. There are many more things strange in this clock. This highly honored man, is always in a spree of giving surprises to his fellow human being, right from his magical chair. The creator of the watch is John Taylor who says that he created this time piece to keep to make time keeping interesting. The clock costs around $1.8 million and I am not sure if Stephen is interested in selling it. The Corpus Clock has no hands or digital numerals, but instead features slits cut into its gold-plated face. As the escape wheel moves, darting blue LED lights behind the openings pause at the correct hour, minute, and second. The clock features a giant grasshopper atop of it wagging its tail and blinking. The grasshopper or “chronophage”, meaning “time eater”, advances around the 4ft-wide face, each step marking a second. The time piece was unveiled at the Cambridge University. But the clock is accurate only once in 5 minutes. And for the rest of time, it is just a time piece to look at. If you want to look at the clock, it is at display outside the college library.

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