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Impact of Hurricane Sandy – Civic Services Shut

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The devastating hurricane Sandy has left millions of people in US shattered. The country is facing many difficulties in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. People are trying to overcome the situation boldly and get back to normalcy.

Millions were shivering in cold without power and food to eat. Nearly 80 to 100 homes were destroyed, dozens of people were killed and thousands of people were evacuated to a safer place. To have a control on the heavy traffic, the police imposed curfew in many cities, so that people will be safe in their homes from the hurricane.

It is also reported that many of the victims who were killed in the storm mainly due to the uprooting of trees that fell on their homes, cars and on the victims. Overall, it is estimated that at least 88 people have lost their lives in US due to the heavy winds and rains.

Nearly 20,000 flights were forced to cancel, because of Sandy, due to which millions of dollars were lost in revenue. Civic services including public transport were suspended, because of no power and fuel. Schools, colleges and offices were closed, as it was difficult for people to commute from one place to another. The government have declared a state of emergency and has asked people to cooperate with them during these crisis. The rescue work is on in bringing conditions to normalcy.

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Nov 5, 2012

Shortage of Fuel at Gas Stations

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Sandy storm is one of the deadliest storms that has ever happened in the history of the United States. People had to face many situations when there was no power for more than 48 hrs in most states. Public transport was suspended and people had to stand in long queue at gas stations for fuel. The sand storm has caused billions of dollars damage.

Many gas stations in New York City and New Jersey remained closed due to low fuel supply. The gasoline stations were left with no power, empty tanks and long lines of vehicles with people blaring horns and shouting to get fuel for their vehicles. Many drivers and car owners were left standing in long queues for filling fuel in their respective vehicles.

Some places had power, but no gas and at some places there was gas and no power. People with no gas had to look for alternative options and same with people who were left without power. The government of US is planning to buy fuel from states to restore the situation on shortage of gas. This has brought sigh of relief to the people.

Because of shortage of fuel, public transport had to run limited services for the public. Due to which these public transport services was overloaded with people. In the coming days, prices of the fuel may rise, burdening the people. It may take some time for the government and people to get over this dreadful situation, so that they get back to normal life.

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Nov 1, 2012