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US Consumers Shopping in 2010: Report of Econsultancy

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Now-a-days, media integration and social networking are the hot trends in e-commerce. If retailers and merchants hope to remain relevant in e-commerce, they need to stick to the targeted and relevant email marketing tactics, even if the consumers are turning to social media sites for shopping.

If email marketing is to be an effective tool, it must targeted, selective and relevant. 53% of the consumers claim that irrelevant information devalued emails which they received. Over 54% of respondents reported that emails had no special advantage and were not of use to them.

According to the report, 55% of respondents said that it makes them more inclined to purchase a product with high ratings. 56% said that their likelihood of using a particular online store increases based on consumer-generated reviews.

Women are less likely to use expert site and search engines reviews for one-time product research than men, mainly for less expensive items. For products of any price, women tend to take part in discussion, online and off. Men tend to take less and involve less range of media than women during the purchase process.

Because of busy schedules and level of comfort with the internet, those between 25 and 38 years old age range are most reliant on e-commerce.

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Aug 30, 2010

Statistics of Online Shopping on Mother’s Day

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Gifts are being presented in order to show their affection and love. Mothers play a very important role in bringing their child up. In turn the child wants to contribute the affection by giving gift to their mothers on occasion of mother’s day.

Generally the gifts can be chosen by shopping around or by shopping online. The most effective way to buy is to do the online shopping. Online shopping is done because more gifts can be found online. National Retail Federation (NRF) has published, before mother’s day that 20% of all consumers will buy Mother’s day gifts online.

The survey delivers some of the major issues like:

  • Compared to last year the amount of money which will be spent this year on mother’s day will be more and is $ 126.90.
  • Most of them are showing interest in buying jewellery which is 25% more when compared to the plan of Shopper.
  • According to the NRF, 83.3% are celebrating the mother’s day. And they buy 62.6% online gifts for mothers and 20.6% for their wives, 9.4% for daughter , 7.9% for grand mother, 7.6% for sister, 6.8% for friend.
  • Even according to the statistics that men will buy and spend more on mother’s day gift i.e. $154.74 and women they spend $100.46

The above survey was done from April 6th to 13th 2010 and 8,197 consumers participated in it.

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Jun 30, 2010

New Hurdle for Online Retailers

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Why do you choose to buy online without going directly to the vendor? Let me guess…

Is it for quick shopping without having to stand and wait in long queues?

Is it to save time from searching a product in a wrong place?

Is it to save taxes?

If it is yes for the third reason, this is disappointing news for you. Government, which is now in bad times with economy crisis, is planning to collect taxes from Internet sales too.

The major thing that attracted the governments of all those states is the increase of Internet sales even in economy downturn.

According to Forester research, online sales would generate around $204 billions in revenue on 2008. This number is pretty bigger than that of sales in 2007 which generated $175 billions.

And now, if government can impose taxes on these sales, it can generate about $3 billion in new revenue.

Why would anybody want to leave such good amount of money, especially in crisis times?

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Mar 25, 2010

Is online shopping convenient

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Is online shopping convenient? If any body questions me, my answer would obviously be yes. Because as an employee now a days I don’t find time for shopping, but shopping has to be done anyhow so I opted for online shopping. It is the best alternative for shopping in malls. You can purchase any products through online.

I have childhood friend who is staying far from our place, it had been long time we met each other. It was her birthday on December and I could not be able to reach her because of my busy schedule. So I ordered a nice wristwatch before a day through online and surprised on her birthday. These gifts are fast, easy and sure to please anyone on your last minute.

The main advantage you can get from online shopping is time: you can save your valuable and precious time from going to shopping malls. And one thing you need to have for online shopping is a computer with Internet connection and a credit card for payment. The delivery of the product is quick and the quality is also good.

Shopping online is very easy and you can make it best and reliable by keeping certain things in mind like giving the proper order, being clear about the product and its features you want to purchase, quality of the product, price comparisons, guarantees etc., and enjoy online shopping convenience.

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Feb 19, 2008