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Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising and Its Benefits

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Ad serverPay-Per-Click (PPC) is an online advertising model through which advertisers pay the publishers when the customer or visitor clicks on the ad displayed. Through this, both the advertiser and the publisher are benefited and this is a part of affiliate marketing because both help one another. PPC ads have strong impact on the customers through which advertisers can enhance their business.

PPC will be of two types one is flat rate PPC and the other is bid-based PPC. In a flat-rate PPC model, both the advertiser and the publisher agree for a fixed amount of money for each click made where as in bid-based PPC the advertisers has to compete with the competitors in an auction hosted by publisher and here the advertiser has to pay the publisher based on the bid made.

Through PPC advertising, the advertiser and the publishers both are benefited. Here are some of the advantages of PPC advertising.

Advantages of PPC

Quick launch
The PPC campaign can be launched quickly in the market and target the group of audience. These PPC ads will bring the targeted traffic to your site. With this traffic, your business will expand in the market quickly and chance of gaining brand image.

AdserverDeciding budget
In PPC, online advertising the advertiser has the choice of setting the budget based on the targeted traffic and keywords. The advertiser sometimes decides the budget based on the bidding made. Therefore, the advertiser can save the money without any losses.

Result based payment
Here the money is paid by the advertiser to the publisher only when the click is made by the customers on the ad and the advertiser need not pay for placing their ads on the publisher’s site. Therefore, the advertiser will not loose with this PPC ads.

Strong branding
With PPC ads, the business product or service will have good brand image among the customers. Through this, the advertiser will have good revenue and strong branding in the market.

Fast results
PPC ads will have strong impact on the customers and the results achieved will be very fast when compared to the SEO campaigns, which will take long time for achieving results.

Measure the conversion
With PPC, advertising you can measure the conversion rate and you can calculate the ROI (Return on Investment). This helps in achieving campaign results easily.

These are the few PPC benefits that an advertiser can achieve with his/her campaign.
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Oct 8, 2014

Role of Wide Format Printing in Marketing

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When it comes to getting your message across, size does matter – the bigger the better, and this is where Wide Format Printing comes into play. Wide format printing is a great marketing tool to connect with your consumers. It involves getting the word out concerning your business product or services you are offering.

Wide format printing includes banners, signs, posters, wallpapers, murals, floor graphics, billboards, vehicle wraps, building wraps, and much more. They are an ideal and an excellent option for trade-shows, events, openings, conferences, concert promotions, business or personal artwork display. Below are four ways businesses can benefit from wide format printing.

It is noticeable
Wide format printing is a great way for any business to get their product or image noticed. The larger the prints, the more difficult it is to ignore, because they are easy to read, notice and are eye catchers. This means that anyone passing by that area or living in or around that area are bound to see the advertising message. Moreover, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye on a 60 by 100 feet in size poster that occupies a big space.

To target a larger audience
Wide format printing is used for advertising products or services in a larger than life way. It is one of the most effective means of advertising through meaningful images and messages. Because of the huge size that a wide format print can give you, you are able to visually attract a larger audience and create an appeal for the product.

Has a long lasting impact on consumer’s mind
The information that relatively has high scope of coverage is enough to have a long lasting impact on potential consumer’s mind. Wide format printing can not only draw a strong impression over consumers, but it is sure to stay behind in their brains. With simple and easy to read information, consumers will easily remember the products or service you offer. In addition, with a good design you will be able to create a good impression.

For better brand awareness and recognition
Simply put, brand awareness means to let customers know about your business. By creating a wide format print with meaningful images and messages, customers are likely to recognize and remember your brand. This type of printing ensures that your brand and your message reaches to the target consumers easily and effectively.

Whether it is your business or your product, it is very important to you. The message that you want to get across to your consumers through wide format printing should be outstanding and eye catching. Therefore, choose a good quality printing company to make your product or business stand out among the rest.
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Oct 29, 2013

eWin Marketing Focuses to Help Small Businesses Leverage Internet for Marketing

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Released by: eWin Marketing

eWin Marketing is a specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company focusing on small & emerging businesses looking for quality SEO services at affordable prices. eWin Marketing has been established by experienced SEO people with each key person having an experience of helping at least 300 websites get first page rankings on major search engines. eWin Marketing’s goal is to empower their clients to win online against their competition and dominate their markets.

eWin Marketing has a satisfied client base with more than 60% repeat client rate and has rated eWin Marketing services on an average of 4.9 out of 5 from 21 client reviews managed by a third party. Also, 100% of clients have opted to recommend eWin Marketing’s services to others, when asked by the same third party.eWin Marketing has helped small and emerging businesses in increasing their online business leads as well as sales and profits by providing various Internet marketing services like Organic Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Listings, Link Popularity Building & Social Media Optimization.

eWin Marketing has helped clients across Northern America & western European markets to achieve their web marketing objectives by providing affordable search engine optimization solutions.

eWin has streamlined and effective processes that deliver high quality services in a systematic way to keep their clients SEO investment low & stay ahead of their competitors.

For further details, please contact:
The Public Relations Manager,
eWin Marketing
GHMC No.1174,
Street #20,
Himayathnagar, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh – 500 029, INDIA.

About eWin Marketing:
eWin Marketing is established by experienced SEO people based in Hyderabad, India. Each key person in eWin’s team has at least 3 years experience in delivering SEO services to US/European markets. Be rest assured, their systems, people will ensure that working with eWin Marketing will be according to what their clients’ expect. In the past six months, they helped hundreds of websites get first page rankings within reasonable budgets and there by increase web traffic, online business leads as well as sales and profits.

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Oct 15, 2010

Marvist Establishes Itself as a Premier Web Marketing Company

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Released by: Marvist Consulting

Marvist Consulting has established itself as a result oriented and value based web marketing company in offshore Internet marketing business. Over the years, Marvist has helped over 400+ websites get the benefits of top search engine rankings.

Marvist’s recognition as a premier web marketing company has been achieved over many years through its strong foundation built on professionalism, customer oriented services, diligence in execution, integrity, and marketing expertise. It has been consistently rated on an average 4.9 out of 5 from 52 client reviews managed by a third party.

Marvist has helped small and mid-sized businesses achieve success by providing various Internet marketing services like Internet marketing consulting, SEO, web promotion, social networking campaigns, and Internet marketing research.

Marvist has helped clients across the USA achieve their web marketing objectives by providing cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Marvist has helped clients to expand their businesses into new markets as well as expand their customer base.

Marvist has served clients in many industries including healthcare, consulting, finance, automobile, technology, real estate, education, manufacturing and hospitality.

Marvist is constantly focused on exploring new strategies to help its clients leverage the Internet to stay ahead of their competitors.

For further details, please contact:
Marvist Consulting LLC
103 Carnegie Center
Suite 300
Princeton, NJ-08540, U.S.A
Email: sales(at)marvist(dot)com

About Marvist Consulting:
Marvist Consulting is a rapidly growing offshore Web Marketing Company based out of Princeton, New Jersey. The company started its operations in April 2005 and offers strategic consulting as well as tactical marketing services through an offshore delivery model. The services offered by Marvist Consulting are in the fields of Internet Marketing Strategy and consulting, Professional search engine optimization, and online market research. Marvist has helped 400+ websites to sell more of their products and services faster and easier through the Internet.

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Jul 10, 2010