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Choosing Between Renting a House and an Apartment

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Choosing between renting a house and an apartment is very difficult. It depends based on many personal factors as well as environmental factors.

In general, the following is my opinion on choosing between apartment and an individual house.

Renting an apartment has many advantages over renting a house. In apartments, you have an out-and-out maintenance staff. So you don’t have to do the messy stuff yourself. The security must also be taken into account here.

There are many people living in places where you don’t find adequate security. In case of apartments, you find neighbors very next you, available in any crisis, and a 24 hour security.

You can have a reliable source of tax reduction at least to some extent, but you don’t find this in many cases of renting a house.

Renewal of renting period is also major issue in case of houses, which you don’t find much in case of apartments.

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Jan 27, 2009

Who are called bad tenants?

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Living in denver apartments is more communal than living in a house. Thus, your actions have more direct influence on neighbors. For landlords, there are two types of tenants: the ones who make life a breeze and the ones who induce migraines. Any of the following habits can ruin landlord-tenant relationships or strain ties with your neighbors, even if conducted with the best of intentions.

The tenant, who doesn’t pay rent on time:
The tenant who doesn’t pay rent on time or some times wont pay for the month is said to be a bad tenant. Many leases carry penalties for late rent payments. Paying rent late not only makes the tenant, look unreliable, but it becomes a costly habit. If rent is late too frequently, or if you stop paying rent altogether, the landlord has grounds to evict you. He has the right to file a suit on tenant

The tenant who causes noise complaints from the neighbors
The tenants who causes noise and complaints from the neighbors is called are bad tenants. Renting an apartment means only a wall separates you from your neighbors. Depending on your building, you may hear people above, below, and on either side of you. Determine how thin your walls are by turning off televisions, radios, and fans and listening to the amount of sound generated by your neighbors at apartments in atlanta. Use this as a gauge to determine how loud you can be, especially late at night.

The tenant, who attracts roaches
The tenant who attracts the roaches is also called as bad tenant. It’s fine if you rarely take out the trash and leave food sitting around for days. After all, it’s your home. However, if the dirt and mess begin to attract roaches, then you have a problem on your hands. Roaches live in walls and can easily spread to other apartments. If this happens, take the time to eradicate the roach problem by notifying the landlord. Your neighbors will thank you for it.

The tenant, who makes messy
The tenant does not maintain cleanliness is said to be a bad tenant. The cleanliness state of your apartment is a matter concerning you and those you live with. Your mess, however, should not extend to the common areas, such as the gym, pool, lobby, or elevator. If the mess is traced back to you, you may find yourself in a tough position with your landlord and neighbors.

The tenant, who damages the apartment

The tenant who damages the apartment is also called as bad tenants. Sometimes, tenants damage the apartment. Most of the time, it’s by accident. For a few folks, damage is the norm, because conscientious habits are not practiced. Leaving damage and unrepaired not only creates a bad living environment, it may anger the landlord who must make repairs before showing the unit.

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Mar 12, 2008

Issues involved in living with roommates

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Living with a roommate can be a rewarding experience. Many people have developed solid, long-lasting friendships as a result of their roommate relationships. But do your homework. Be honest with yourself about what you want in a roommate, and be clear about what you expect from them. The roommate experience can be one of the best you’ll have as a renter. If you are wondering whether sharingapartments in houston is correct for you, here are a few issues to regard. They are as follows:

Affinity: The success of a roommate relationship at apartments depends on the individuals who stay at that place. Are you the timid, introspective character who prefers calm activities at house, or are you outgoing with oodles of friends and an involved cultural living so you are not house frequently? Are you an easy-going individual who takes things in step, or are you a perfectionist with really specific needs about your life agreement? Ideally, you seek to discover a roommate whose needs and disposition are compatible with your own.

Isolation: If you love to live in isolation in your apartment then you need to be prepared to sacrifice some of your private time with another person in the apartment. You may need to set some ground rules about when your roommate can interrupt your private time. If you prefer your privacy to anything else, then you are much better off on your own.
Trust: Even if your roommate is someone you know, your relationship with him or her will change once they become your roommate. Once they move in with you, your roommate will have access to your personal belongings, wardrobe, furniture, computer equipment and other valuables. Make sure you are able to trust the person with whom you share the apartment or you go for a newlas vegas apartment . If you are overly protective of your belongings or have a hard time trusting people, then you are better off without a roommate.

Responsibility: One of the biggest conflicts in roommate relationships occurs over housekeeping duties. No matter how you split the responsibilities, one roommate tends to feel that he or she takes on more of the housekeeping chores than the other person. This is an issue that needs to be discussed up front before either of you sign a lease agreement. Ideally, you want to find a roommate who has a healthy, equitable attitude toward housework. One suggestion for working things out is to set up a housekeeping schedule and switch chores every week so the two of you are not doing the same chores all the time.

Other Issues: Other issues such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, noise, pets, and overnight guests can ruin even the best roommate relationships. Determine what you are willing to tolerate. When you interview your prospective roommate, even if you know them already, ask about their lifestyle habits. Remember that both of your names appear on the lease agreement so both of you are responsible for paying rent on time, following building rules, and maintaining the apartment. It’s in the best interest of all parties to clarify what will be acceptable behavior in your apartment.

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Mar 10, 2008