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Drugteststrips Offers High Quality Drug Test Kits Chosen By Experienced Pharmacists

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Greenville, South Carolina (Sep 05, 2011) –, a professionally managed online drug test kits provider, is offering a wide range of quality testing solutions chosen by professional judgment of experienced pharmacists.

With the increased demand of the drug testing kits, many shady retailers have evolved in the market to cash-in the opportunity by selling low quality drug test kits, which often result in many false positives and false negatives. Many people today are not sure as who is providing quality drug test kits.

If you are one of them, looking for reliable, accurate and easy to use drug testing kits, you should definitely visit Drug Test Strips offers a variety of tests that effectively detect the commonly abused drugs. Their urine testing kits are approved by FDA and comply with SAMHSA cutoff levels.

When asked about the quality of the products, a spokesperson for Drug test Strips said, “Drug testing is a very specialized field and it is continuously evolving. To suit customers of all backgrounds, we offer a wide range of on-site drug and alcohol test kits, all of which are chosen by professional and experienced pharmacists here at Drug Test Strips. Our professionals assess the analytic and clinical validity of tests before they are offered to the customers.”

Whether you are an employer looking to reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol at the workplace or a parent suspicious of kids abusing alcohol or other illicit drugs, DTS offers convenient and accurate tools to identify the drug abusers at homes, offices, schools etc.

These drug testing kits come in single and multi-panel format. Single test panel kits detect the presence of one drug in the given sample. While multi-panel drug test kits can effectively detect 10-12 drugs at one time using a single sample.

Besides offering drug testing kits and home drug tests, also offers laboratory confirmation services for further confirmation of specimens for drug usage.

Drug Test Strips also provides quality alcohol detection solutions in the form of breathalyzers (D.O.T / NHTSA approved) and saliva tests. It also offers an assortment of menopause test, ovulation test and pregnancy test kits.

Various drug testing solutions offered by products have been found to be highly accurate and are guaranteed against defects in labeling and packaging until the stated expiration date. These drug tests and solutions are affordable for home buyers, corporate customers, schools, offices etc.

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Sep 5, 2011

Ecstasy Addiction on Rise in Teens

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It is also called as MDMA. This drug tends to create a sense of euphoria and an expansive love or desire to nurture others. There are many health effects that a person experiences when he is addicted to Ecstasy. When taken in excess, it increases body temperature to the point of being fatal.

Psychological effects of the drug includes euphoria, decrease in negative emotions, an increase in empathetic feelings and enhanced tactile sensations. Along with the psychological effects it also shows physical effects which includes increased blood pressure and heart rate, increase in body temperature, blurred vision, involuntary eye movements, urinary retention and difficulty in sleeping. Long term usage of this drug can damage the brain, the long term effects could place the addict’s life in danger.

There is a rise in the use of the Ecstasy by the teens and the primary reason for this rise is the pleasurable effects that are experienced by the teen users. In the United States, 11 percent of students entering the 12th grade have been under the influence of the drug. Ecstasy addiction in the teens causes depression, chills, sweating and paranoia. Some teens may experience a rash that is similar to acne and bouts of aggression. Some researches have shown that more than 70 percent of teens who are addicted to the drug have developed learning disorders and emotional problems as a direct result of their addiction. Many teens have suffered with the erratic mood swings that are uncontrollable. Addiction to this drug requires professional treatment in teens.

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Jun 22, 2011

Consequences of Illicit Drug Use in USA

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There has been an increase in the use of illicit drugs in the United States. This increase in the drug abuse has many effects on the nation. The harmful consequences of use of these illicit drugs are here under:

Drug Deaths:
According to the latest data available, 38,371 people died of drug-induced causes in 2007, with 34,598 suicides and 18,361 homicides. In U.S for every 15 minutes, there is a drug-induced death. Many preventable deaths occurred in 2007 due to drug induced causes.

Economic Costs:
The economic cost of drug abuse in the US was estimated at $180.9 billion in 2002 and this costs includes resources used to cure the health of addicts and the costs involved in crime consequences.

Drugged Driving:
According to a self report survey in 2009, approximately 10.5 million Americans reported driving under the influence of an illicit drug. One in three drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes who drove under the influence of drugs in 2009.

School Performance:
Use of the illicit drugs also increased among the 8th, 10th and 12th graders and this shows a great effect on the performance of those children in the schools. These addicted students are more likely to skip the class more frequently, and spend less time studying.

Treatment Needs:
In 2009, 7.1 million persons needed treatment for illicit drug problems. Of these 7.1 million, 1.5 million received specialty treatment.

Criminal Justice Involvement:
According to a 2009 study of arrestees in 10 metropolitan cities in the United States, there are more number of people arrested for using the drugs than the people who are generally arrested. The percentage of booked arrestees testing positive for at least one illicit drug ranged from 56 percent to 82 percent.

Severe Health Effects:
In 2008, an estimated 2 million people were admitted in the hospitals for treating drug addiction. Out of these, one million visits were due to the use of illicit drugs.

Environmental Impact:
There are also some significant environmental impacts caused because of the manufacturing of these illicit drugs in the labs. These impacts includes chemical toxicity, risk of fire and explosion, lingering effects of toxic waste, and potential injuries. Coca and poppy cultivation which are used in the preparation of the illicit drugs significantly damages the environment.

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Jun 21, 2011

Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction.

Reasons for addiction
Every abuser has a different reason for drug abuse or addiction. Mostly to escape from problems, people abuse drugs, and become addicted. Many factors influence the individuals like social environment, person’s biology, and age. Family, friends, life style of individual contribute to drug abuse. Critical stages of life along with genetic, and environmental factors also affect drug addiction susceptibility.

Effects of addiction
Complications of drug addiction are very high and it is like a disease that affects brain, and total functioning of the body. Brain’s communication system is affected with the chemicals present in drugs as they disrupt the process of information flow to nerve cells. Short and long term effects are seen in the abuse due to drug addiction.

  • Short term: The chemicals present in the drugs will blow into the brain’s communication system. These chemicals can disturb the functioning of the “reward circuit” of the brain. Many short-term consequences are observed in abuser’s health and avoiding drug abuse can help in overcoming the short-term consequences. Sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, running nose, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, depression, headache, dizziness, effects on memory and respiratory problems etc are found with short term drug addiction.
  • Long term: Serious long-term effects are found with drug abuse and addiction changes brain chemical system and circuit. These effects can lead from mild itching to coma and to death of the drug abuser. This addiction facilitates the user in experiencing uncontrollable cravings particularly when they see place or person associated with drug. High drug addiction can lead for infectious diseases, breathing related diseases, veins, or nervous collapse, and abuser can even die in minutes in certain situations.

The above addressed information about reasons and effects of drug abuse and addiction can be useful in preventing drug abuse. Prevention programs and educating the people about effects can be helpful in preventing drug abuse and addiction in society. If it is not controlled at right time, these drugs can become masters of abuser’s life. The consequences of addiction of drug can be overwhelming to both the user and to the user’s family members.


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Nov 18, 2010

Deaths Related to Different Drugs – DAWN

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Using illegal drugs causes many problems. It leads to death as well. According to survey report by DAWN, drug related death rate is increasing from one period other . Drug use causes death of many people. The investigation was done for DAWN cases. There are many type of drugs which cause deaths such as:

  • Many illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and Ecstasy.
  • Other prescription drugs, like Prozac, Vicodin, OxyContin, alprazolam, and methylphenidate.
  • Over the counter medications, like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and multi ingredient cough and clod remedies.
  • Dietary supplements like vitamins, herbal remedies, nutritional products.
  • Psychoactive inhalants, nonpharmaceutical inhalants.
  • Having alcohol with the combination of other drugs.
  • Alcohol without any drugs for individuals who have age under 21 years.

According to report, there are two major categories of drug related deaths which are based on the manner of the death, such as:

Drug related deaths:
Natural or accidental deaths with drug involvement. Medical use, non medical use, overuse, and misuse of prescription drugs and over the counter medications and drug abuse may cause these two categories of deaths.

Drug related Suicide deaths:
These type of deaths are caused by drug involvement. Thousand of the young adults and their families are impacted by suicide problem, and it is the major problem in United States. Using drug can cause behavioral changes, so it may lead to suicide. Generally, overdose of drug can cause suicidal deaths.

There are many negative affects of drug abuse and death also can be caused by the drug abuse or over use or misuse of prescription drugs.

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Oct 13, 2010

Know About PCP Abuse Statistics as per NIDA

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In 1950, PCP was developed as as intravenous anesthetic. It is a powder of white crystalline which is dissolve in alcohol or water and it has a taste of bitter chemical. It can be smoked, snorted and orally ingested. It has different names such as Ozone, Angel dust, Wack, Rocket fuel.

PCP use causes physiological effects and increased rate of breath and blood pressure and pulse rate. Flushing and profuse sweating, breath becomes shallow, loss of muscular coordination, generalized numbness of the extremities may occur because of PCP abuse.

Statistics and trends:
PCP was abused by 99,000 Americans aged 12 and older at least once in the year prior to being surveyed, in 2008. PCP was used by 1.8 percent of high school seniors in 2008, 1.1 percent of seniors were using PCP in past year.

PCP was used by 6.1 million persons aged 12 or older in their lifetime in 2007, in the past year PCP was used by 1,37000 persons in the same group.

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Aug 31, 2010

Different Resources or Options for Drug Treatment of Drug addiction

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Because of the increase in the number of drug addicts, many treatment centers have been established for treating the drug addicts. One might get confused and may not have a clear view on how to decide the type of resource which is useful for themselves or for the family members. So, here are some of the resources which provide you the best treatment programs.

  • SAMHSA,The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration is an organization which provides different types of services. It provides a location for different treatment centers and a separate site is maintained by it for giving the exact location of the outpatient, residential and the hospital treatment centers for the drug addicted people and also for the alcohol addicted people. The website is
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health Of America are providing the treatment at different centers for curing the mental disorders which result because of drug abuse. The websites which give the information are and
  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides you with the information regarding the drug addiction treatment apart from the suicide prevention.
  • The physician locator tools for the drug abuse can be found in the websites of the American Academy of Addiction psychiatry and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The websites are and respectively.
  • Even the websites of NIDA like and can also give the required information about the treatment centers.

These are different resources which provide us the information regarding the drug treatment centers and their locations.

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Aug 18, 2010

Availability of drugs in U.S

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Smuggling of illicit drugs is a highly profitable illegal business in America. Many criminal groups are involved in this profession. Mexico and many other countries are major suppliers of drugs to U.S market. Marijuana, cocaine, Heroine and MDMA are common ranges of illicit drugs. MDMA is a most enriched drug among all illicit drugs.

There are many smuggling groups which are involved in MDMA smuggling. These drugs suppliers produce large amount of the drugs in Canada and other countries and smuggle it into the United States through the Northern Border. National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) data states that MDMA business was started in 2005 and its business increased up to 76 percent from 2005 to 2008. According to local law enforcement agencies, MDMA availability is increased from 47.2 percent in 2005 to 51.5 percent in 2009.

Seizure data show that MDMA availability is increasing year by year. Many large stocks are seized from 2004 to 2009 and 114,286 dosage units in 2006 to 387,143 dosage units in 2009 were seized at the Southwest Border. Easy availability of MDMA enabled distributors to expand their customer base.

Therefore, smuggling of these types of drugs is increasing year by year. They are widely available in U.S drug market and many groups are involved in this drugs operation. To stop these activities many law enforcement officials were deployed and with this some major declination was also measured.

Source: National Drug Threat Assessment (NADT) report

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Apr 21, 2010