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Drug Test Strips Provides a Wide Range of Marijuana Testing Solutions to Better Serve Its Customers

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Released by: provides a wide range of niche Marijuana testing solutions to better serve its customers especially home users. These Marijuana testing solutions are available in oral, urine test formats as test cards and test cups., a professionally managed online drugstore is providing a wide range of Marijuana testing solutions to better serve its customers especially home users. The Marijuana testing solutions are available in oral, urine test formats as test cards and test cups. These test kits help to effectively detect majority of commonly abused illegal drugs such as Marijuana (THC metabolite), Cocaine and Methamphetamine etc.

The drug testing kits provided by are reliable, convenient, accurate, and useful for drug testing at homes, offices, and schools. These drug testing kits come in single and multi panel format and can effectively detect 10-12 drugs at one time in single sample. The single panel and multi panel test strips and EZ test cups can effectively detect Marijuana individually or in combination with other drugs in urine. Also, the oral fluids device provides for a convenient, easy, and non-invasive way to detect Marijuana in saliva. The Marijuana testing solutions offered by are suitable for onsite testing at homes, schools, colleges, and workplaces. also offers an assortment of Nicotine test kits, Pregnancy test kits and Urine adulteration detection testing kits that are approved by FDA and comply with SAMHSA cutoff levels. Besides offering drug testing kits and home drug tests, also offers laboratory confirmation services for further confirmation of specimens for drug usage. It also provides quality alcohol detection solutions in the form of breathalyzers and saliva or oral tests. The breathalyzers, saliva or oral tests are very easy to perform, less invasive, and provide quick and accurate results that can be easily used at home, workplaces, and schools.

Various drug testing solutions offered by products have been found to be highly accurate and are guaranteed against defects in labeling and packaging until the stated expiration date. These drug tests and solutions are affordable for home buyers, corporate customers, schools, offices etc.

For further details, please contact-
P.O. Box 7005 Greenville,
SC 29606-7005
United States
Tel: 1-866-937-8483 (Toll Free)

About is an online provider of quality Drug test kits, home drug tests for effective detection of drugs and alcohol in home, schools, offices etc. provides quick, accurate, user-friendly, affordable, and quality drug testing products in several formats including blood, urine, and oral drug testing kits. It also provides laboratory confirmation services for further testing of specimens to confirm drug usage. is accredited by and also provides free shipping for orders above $25. It also offers improvised testing kits in popular methods of testing such as strips and cups making it easy to use their products.

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Sep 21, 2010

Know About PCP Abuse Statistics as per NIDA

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In 1950, PCP was developed as as intravenous anesthetic. It is a powder of white crystalline which is dissolve in alcohol or water and it has a taste of bitter chemical. It can be smoked, snorted and orally ingested. It has different names such as Ozone, Angel dust, Wack, Rocket fuel.

PCP use causes physiological effects and increased rate of breath and blood pressure and pulse rate. Flushing and profuse sweating, breath becomes shallow, loss of muscular coordination, generalized numbness of the extremities may occur because of PCP abuse.

Statistics and trends:
PCP was abused by 99,000 Americans aged 12 and older at least once in the year prior to being surveyed, in 2008. PCP was used by 1.8 percent of high school seniors in 2008, 1.1 percent of seniors were using PCP in past year.

PCP was used by 6.1 million persons aged 12 or older in their lifetime in 2007, in the past year PCP was used by 1,37000 persons in the same group.

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Aug 31, 2010

Different Resources or Options for Drug Treatment of Drug addiction

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Because of the increase in the number of drug addicts, many treatment centers have been established for treating the drug addicts. One might get confused and may not have a clear view on how to decide the type of resource which is useful for themselves or for the family members. So, here are some of the resources which provide you the best treatment programs.

  • SAMHSA,The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration is an organization which provides different types of services. It provides a location for different treatment centers and a separate site is maintained by it for giving the exact location of the outpatient, residential and the hospital treatment centers for the drug addicted people and also for the alcohol addicted people. The website is
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health Of America are providing the treatment at different centers for curing the mental disorders which result because of drug abuse. The websites which give the information are and
  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides you with the information regarding the drug addiction treatment apart from the suicide prevention.
  • The physician locator tools for the drug abuse can be found in the websites of the American Academy of Addiction psychiatry and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The websites are and respectively.
  • Even the websites of NIDA like and can also give the required information about the treatment centers.

These are different resources which provide us the information regarding the drug treatment centers and their locations.

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Aug 18, 2010

Alliance Formation Among US And Mexican Gangs

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Smuggling market is growing year by year and every year new gangs are emerging in some part of world. In 2009, Mexican drug cartels introduced new alliance with violent American street and prison gangs. This alliance helps to tighten the hold on U.S. Narcotics market.

According to 2010 Drug Threat Assessment, Mexican drug cartels deals in illicit cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine trade into the U.S. growing strength and organization of criminal gangs has changed the nature of midlevel and retail drug distribution in local drug markets, suburban areas and rural areas.

As per the report this alliance helps street gangs to buy drugs directly from the cartels, which further enables the gangs to flood drug in market with low price. In drugs business street gangs are very useful. They mainly help to protect smuggling routes, debts collection and killing rival traffickers.

This type of business results in heavy death loss. For example 8,000 people in Mexico, including 800 police and military officers, were killed when cartels fought over smuggling corridors.

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Jun 8, 2010

Smuggling Of Drugs By Various DTOs

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Smuggling of drugs is a very old kind of business and time to time smuggling groups are changing. In earlier period of time, drugs smuggling business was ruled by Columbian DTOs, but in present time drugs business are dominated by Mexican DTO’s. These groups constitute greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States and earn billions of dollars annually from the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs activities.

  • Expansion of Mexican DTO’s
    This is deeply involved in drug trafficking activities in the United States than any other DTOs and they are the only DTOs which are operating in all nine Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) regions.

    Only this DTOs group is more active than any other DTOs group throughout the cities. According to Law enforcement report and case initiation data Mexican DTOs control mostly cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine distribution in the United States as well as much of the marijuana distribution.

    In recent year this DTOs group expanded their operations in the Florida, Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey, and New England Regions, where earlier Colombian DTOs were the leading suppliers of cocaine and heroin.

  • Expansion of Asian DTOs
    Influence of Asian DTOs were observed and reported by law enforcement agencies in 2008 and it continued to increase in 2009. According to NDTA report 2010, trafficked wholesale quantities of drugs is 24 HIDT in 2008 it was just 22 HIDT in 2007. Theses group are the predominant distributors of MDMA and high-potency marijuana which are associated with low criminal penalties and high profit margins.
  • Expansion of Cuban DTOs
    Influences of these DTOs are increasing slowly in the drugs market but this growth is slower than Asian DTOs activity. Influence of Cuban DTOs and criminal groups is noticed because of they have ability to exploit Cuban emigres to establish indoor marijuana grow sites locations throughout the Florida/Caribbean and Southeast Regions.

These are the three main DTOs around the world which are widely famous and growing their influence year by year. Among all Mexican DTOs belongs to top of the rank and then this ranking is followed by Asian DTOs and Cuban DTO’s.

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Jun 4, 2010