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Lydia Davis Wins The Man Booker International Prize 2013

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American writer Lydia Davis wins the Man Booker International Prize 2013. Lydia Davis is known for her very short stores. Her short stories show elements of being analytical, intelligent, crafty and firm.

The Man Booker International Prize is awarded once in two years to an author for “an achievement in fiction on the world stage.” The prize comprises a prize of £60,000 (about $91,000).

The eligible work needs to be original in English or needs to be widely available in translated version.

According to the chairman of the jury awarding the prize, Lydia’s short stories could be classified as “miniatures, anecdotes, essays, jokes, parables, fables, texts, aphorisms or even apophthegms, prayers or simply observations.”

Philip Roth won the Man Booker International Prize, 2011.

Source: Economist

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May 24, 2013

BBC Radio Presenter Died After Taking Drugs

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Drug Abuse is seen mostly among the elite group especially in case of expensive drugs. Moreover, celebrities from different fields are often associated with drug abuse. A similar situation happened to one of the radio presenters which cost him his life.

The BBC radio presenter George Webley died of a heart attack after consuming the illelgal drug mephedrone. He was popularly known as Big George, aged about 53 and was found dead at his home in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. He had been working at London 94.9 as a presenter and was also known to compose tunes for few popular shows.

Mephedrone, a class B drug has been found in his blood and recorded as a verdict of misadventure. This drug which is called as ‘meow meow’ was made illegal during last year.

George also suffered a heart attack in 1996, however the doctors now reported that his death was given as ischaemic heart disease and illicit use of cathinones, an extract from a plant called khat.

This news again reflected the harm caused by illicit drug abuse particularly on the older adults. Even though the number of deaths are increasing due to illicit drug abuse, people are not bothered about it. They are not much concerned about their later life, but are thinking about the present joy and excitement.

They never knew how their families suffer after their loss and moreover, when it is revealed that a family lost their member due to drug abuse, the remaining family members will also be disrespected by the entire society.

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Mar 31, 2012

Philippines Rank Fourth as Main Source for Drugs, While China in Top

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During the anniversary of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, its Vice president announced that Philippine stood fourth in Asia among the main sources of illegal drugs, while china is the top drug destination in the region. In terms of point of origin of illegal drugs in Asia, Malaysia tops the list with 24% followed by Macau, and Thailand. Nepal and Philippine stood at fourth position followed by Vietnam and other Asian countries.

This sounds some what alarming for Philippine’s government and the state is planning to adopt new national drug policy that will classify illegal drugs not only as a peace and order problem but also as a health issue. The authorities are much concerned about the public health now since the laws against manufacturers, pushers and users only could result in putting more people in jail but not necessarily cure addiction.

Observing the more advancements other countries are adopting, Philippine’s government decided to do more on this problem to prevent drug addiction. They are trying to increase the budget for rehabilitation and counseling and to conduct some anti drug campaign, which will make a positive turn and would draw the youth away from the consumption of any legal or illegal drugs.

This is a good initiative taken by the Philippine’s government, which shows its concern towards the public health. Hope these schemes and campaigns create more awareness among drug addicts about the dangers of abusing drugs and prevent them from its harmful effects.

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Mar 31, 2012

One in the Five have Knowingly Taken Lift from a Drunken Driver

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It is quite common in people to do errors unknowingly, without their knowledge. But what if they do it knowingly. Yes, a recent study revealed that people even after knowing the fact that the driver is drunken still asked him for a lift.

The survey was conducted by AA Motor Insurance Poll, in which it was found out that one in the five respondents admitted that they have knowingly taken the lift from a driver whose drinking limit exceeded the legal blood alcohol level of 0.8mg within the last two years.

This poll received nearly 14,000 responses revealing that the higher portion of 17-24 years old which accounts 26.1% have accepted the lift from someone they know that they had alcohol over the legal limit.

The officials from the policy said that even the passengers do not have the right to break the law themselves in any circumstances and suggest them to have a moral responsibility. They also told that Alcohol driving is the third contributing factor of road accidents and the people taking the lift should consider the above fact.

The people polled in the survey also admitted that they had got in to a car with a driver they knew to be in a very bad hangover. Nearly 35.6% of them had this kind of lift at least once within the last two years.

45% also told that they had driven in the morning after the night before they had alcohol and they are not sure whether they had returned to legally permissible levels. The study also showed that 49.8% of men compared to 39.7% of women have taken this drive at the same point within the last two years.

This stats reveal that how people are careless about lives and how they are encouraging the fellowmen to go against the rules and indirectly making most of the accidents happen.

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Mar 31, 2012

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sued for Fueling His Drug Addiction

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The death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop is really a great loss to the entertainment industry. The investigations about his death are still going on and a latest development in the case is suing Micheal’s personal doc for fueling his drug addiction.

Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein has been accused for providing him with the pain killers and the muscle relaxers which led him to prescription drug addiction. For some time his doctor Conrad Murray was in this story. But now according to the lawsuit filed by Dr. Klein’s former assistant Jason Pfeiffer, Klein provided serious drugs to Jackson.

The assistant added saying that these drug made Jackson unable to stand on his own. He was often told by his boss, to help Jackson to his car because he was so out of it. Even though he and Klein’s nurses warned him about the over medication, they were always told to shut their mouths.

He was also claiming that Klein tried to give Jackson, prescription muscle relaxers in 2009 by writing the prescription in Pfeiffer’s name. Other documents are also stating that Klein used to write many prescriptions for numerous sedatives and painkillers in Pfeiffer’s name for his own consumption as well as for other patients.

Besides this lawsuit filed by Pfeiffer, DR. Murray also accused Klein of getting Jackson addicted to Demerol, a narcotic. He gave Jackson 51 Demerol injections in three months before Jackson’s death.

These claims are seriously denied by Klein and his attorney said in a statement that all these things are false and scurrilous and will be proven baseless in the court.

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Mar 31, 2012

Everett Police Warn About the Dangers of Bath Salts

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Government, private health organizations, health camps all made their trails to create awareness among the public about substance abuse and the illicit drugs. The suggestions given by Everett police about bath salts reflects their social concern about public health.

Everett police are taking a proactive approach to warn the people about the toxicity of the synthetic drugs. Recently they advised the people and tried to create awareness on bath salts.

As the normal people think bath salts will no more create a nice aroma when placed in bath tubs, they could cause organ failure and profuse bleeding, says Everett’s police. The police got to know that the bath salt is a street name for chemical compounds that mimic hard drugs. People started calling the illicit drugs as bath salts to circumvent federal drug rules.

The police are even visiting the stores and distribution locations and let them know the liabilities in selling those kind of drugs. They are also sending educational material to neighborhood groups and want people to know about the dangers.

Even the Washington Poison Center is reporting that they had received 76 calls involving bath salts this year, while they had only one call on it during 2010. According to spokesman from the state department of health, the state has placed an emergency ban on bath salts and it makes the selling, making and delivering bath salts illegal when it comes to action.

The side effects of bath salts include higher blood pressure, a higher heart rate and higher body temperature. They can cause people to become delirious, delusional, combative and sometimes psychotic. The effects can last for days.

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Feb 1, 2012

Nearly 1-1.5 million Americans are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients

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Medical marijuana refers to the use of plant parts of a herb called cannabis, as a medicine or herbal therapy as recommended by a physician. From the same plant the marijuana drug is also derived and hence the use of medical marijuana is often controversial. Majority of governments do not recognize the use of these plant parts for medicinal use. However, other governments such as US allows its use in varying degrees for one or more disorders.

If we observe the statistics or the number of medical marijuana users alone in US, we will know the fact behind US government for allowing the use.

From the data collected by NORML from state medical marijuana registries and patient estimates between 1 – 1.5 million Americans are legally authorized by their state to use marijuana in United States. If we calculate by assuming the usage of one half to one gram of medical marijuana per patient per day it represents $2.3 to $6.2 billion dollar market annually.

Based on the same data, it is estimated that these legal marijuana users can posses 566-803 thousand pounds of legal usable marijuana, allowed under state laws of America. That means these patients are allowing to cultivate 17-24 million legal cannabis plants. Further if the limits in some states like California and New Mexico are exceeded with doctors permission, 1 million pounds of state legal cannabis are allowed under the law in America.

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Nov 15, 2011

104 million Americans Aged 12 or Older have Tried Marijuana At least Once

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Marijuana is a dried herb of the hemp plant. Cannabis refer to marijuana and other drugs made from the same plant. Earlier it is used to treat certain medical disorders and later many people tried using it as a drug. But now marijuana use has become so immense that it became a major problem in many developed countries.

Many studies have shown the harmful effects of marijuana on one’s health. THC is the main active element chemical in the drug which made it so harmful. Some short time effects of marijuana use include problems with memory, difficulty in thinking, loss of body mind coordination, increased heart rate and anxiety.

Apart from these the reports from National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2009 showed a startling number of US kids abusing marijuana. According to the report, an estimated 104 million Americans aged 12 or older have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime. This number represents 41.5 % of the US population in that age group. Addition to that NSDUH results indicate that 18.1% of 18-25 year old and 4.6% of those aged 26 or older reported past month use of marijuana.

This shows the severity of the situation. Every day the number of people using marijuana are increasing and simultaneously the death rate related to marijuana use is also on rise.

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Nov 14, 2011