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Archives for Press Boosts Content to Help People Manage their Finances Properly

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh –, a popular personal finance website that offers free expert advices on personal finance to help people manage their money properly, is continuously updating its website to share its expertise and extensive actionable knowledge on personal finance. is a great resource for Indian middle class on personal finance. Unlike other personal finance resources that give complex theories on money management, provides expert money management tips that are easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow and more importantly are practical and applicable in our daily life., initially started as a small section in one of the popular websites on wellness,, grew leaps and bounds to a comprehensive resource that simplifies complex topics of personal finance.

It has got four specific sections, targeted at the four important aspects of money management – personal financial planning, how to save money, reduce debt and grow money, besides having a section to provide general perspective on personal financial planning. The website also provides day-to-day developments in the industry including banking and finance, investing, savings, tax, insurance and loans. Apart from providing insightful articles on money management, this website provides functional information on various topics like personal loan, mutual fund, CIBIL score, books on personal finance, etc.

A spokesperson from said, “Due to requests from our audiences for more information on personal finance and for an exclusive personal finance website for better user experience, we have moved Personal Financial Planning section in to a new website, and vastly expanded on the content. We are continuously creating content on money management as we know that this kind of information, specifically created for Indians is in short supply.”

They further added that, “We are extremely happy with the response our site is receiving. Many of our visitors have responded saying our advice was helpful in bringing a positive change in their personal finances and they are now able to manage their finances better than ever. So, our aim of inculcating the right attitude towards money in people seems to be realizing.”

With the positive impact the site is making on people’s lives, the financial experts at are putting in more efforts to provide more valuable information to visitors. Check out this site regularly for latest articles!

For further information, contact:
C/o: Marvist WebMedia,
595, Street #16, Himayathnagar,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,
India – 500029

About Us: is a personal finance website developed and maintained by Marvist WebMedia. This website aims to help the middleclass people in India, who are struggling to manage their money by providing actionable knowledge on personal finance to make a positive difference in their financial situation. With the tag line, Money Made Simple’, this website is surely a one-stop solution for all your financial problems and queries.

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Sep 17, 2012

DTS Offers Free Shipping on All Orders Above $25 Throughout the Continental U.S

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Greenville, South Carolina –, a professionally managed online drug test kits provider is offering free shipping on all orders above $25 from Continental United States except Hawaii and Alaska.

Already established as a provider of reliable, easy to use, accurate and affordable drug test kits, (DTS) is taking every measure to make it easy for customers to do business with them.

When asked about this offer, a spokesperson from DTS said, “Making it easy for our customers to do business with us has always been our top priority. This is yet another initiative in that direction.”

He further added that, “We are pleased to offer free shipping to our customers who purchase our products in bulk. With drug testing becoming common at workplaces, schools and homes, drug test kits are being bought in bulk. We have introduced this offer to help customers save on shipping costs.”

The products will be shipped through United States Postal System (first class mail). The customers will receive their products within 2-7 business days, depending on the distance of the customer’s location from the company. The company clarified that the offer does not apply for the orders from Hawaii and Alaska.

The company also stated that to maintain confidentiality of the customer, the orders are shipped in unmarked brown boxes. It is also taking measures to make sure that shipment arrives in proper condition. Products damaged in the transportation will be replaced if you notify the damage immediately. offers an assortment of single drug test kits that detect various drugs of abuse including marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, methamphetamine, etc. It also offers multi-panel drug test kits that can detect multiple drugs at a time. For example the ten drug test card can detect a combination of cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana (THC), methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and tricyclics. These test kits are FDA approved and set to the SAMSHA cut-off levels. They also offer nicotine test kits, pregnancy test kits and urine adulteration detection testing kits.

Besides offering drug testing kits and home drug tests, also offers laboratory confirmation services for further confirmation of specimens for drug usage. It also provides quality alcohol detection solutions in the form of breathalyzers and saliva or oral tests.

Various drug testing products offered by have been found to be accurate and are guaranteed against defects in labeling and packaging until the stated expiration date. These drug tests and solutions are affordable for home buyers, corporate customers, schools, offices etc.
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Aug 6, 2012

Alertra Offers 30-Day Free Website Monitoring Trial

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website monitoringOklahoma, United States – Alertra, a leading provider of Internet server monitoring and alerting services, announced that it is offering a 30-day free website monitoring trial.

With Alertra’s 30-day free website monitoring trial, get notified when your site goes down. The trial package includes monitoring websites, e-mail servers, routers and any other servers or hardware connected to the Internet.

A spokesperson for Alertra said, “In today’s competitive digital world, making sure that the website is always live and performing is more critical than ever to succeed. We continuously monitor the health of websites, servers and routers from various locations around the world and notify business owners or webmasters whenever the site goes down.”

“We want to make it easy for businesses to sample this service. There is no need to install or maintain software to experience the benefits of website monitoring. We’re excited for people to try us and see our service at work” he added.

In addition to free 30-day trial, they are offering two other services for free. First is quick and easy Spot Check. Enter a URL you’d like to check and you will get a report back with some basic information on the performance from various places around the world.

The other one is a demo account. This provides limited access to Alertra’s control panel interface for remote server monitoring.

You can make use of all the features of the service without any obligation. You need not provide any credit card information to sign up for the trial – no need to worry about automatic billing after the trial period! There is no obligation to upgrade to a paid account. You can upgrade only if you are satisfied with the service during the trial period. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 14, 2012

Marvist WebSolutions Launches a New Website

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MarvistHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Marvist WebSolutions, a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing consulting and services launches a new website. The website is larger and presents the services offered in detail and also showcases the testimonials from the 600 clients that marvist has helped with its services.

The new website, at is easy to navigate and designed to facilitate users get information easily. The new site design is better in navigation, accessibility and appearance.

A spokesperson for Marvist WebSolutions said, The new website has a fresh feel to appeal to a wide audience. When redesigning the site, we kept it simple with user friendly features.”

“The site is designed to represent the developments and growth of the organization. The redesigned site reflects the company’s growth in the last 6 years. We used CMS based site to make quick changes to data” he added.

What is perhaps the most new feature of the site is its ‘Clients’ section, where one can find the customer testimonials which speak about the marketing expertise of Marvist WebSolutions.

The ‘Resource Centre’ offers visitors access to a vast source of insights and expertise on various topics such as Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing, Website Management and Small Business Management created by team of industry experts.

The new website has a detailed section on careers. It is very helpful for the candidates who want to be part of Marvist. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 8, 2012

Marvist Announces Best Marketing Projects Contest for the Second Consecutive Year

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, January 9, 2012 – Marvist WebSolutions, a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing consulting and services has announced “The Best Marketing Projects Contest – 2011”. This is the second time that the organization is conducting such a contest. This contest is aimed as an initiative to encourage quality project work by MBA students.

The first prize winner will walk away with a cash award of Rs.12,000 and the second and third prizes will carry awards of Rs.7,500 and Rs.5,000 respectively.

A summer project work done by students allows to showcase their capabilities when it comes to applying their academic knowledge in real life situation. But today, even good students are not using this opportunity, opting for a routine/mediocre project which can be completed relatively easily. However, such projects do not grow either the abilities of the student or their understanding of real life business situations.

A spokesperson for Marvist WebSolutions said, “A challenging project done in real life situations is essential for preparing the student for the realities of his/her first job. Marvist WebSolutions is coming up with the contest to encourage such projects that offer practical solutions to business problems.”

Marvist WebSolutions is seeking to identify students who introduce new concepts, have strong knowledge of marketing, show rigorousness in research and are diligent in executing marketing principles. The project must involve strategic marketing with a combination of academic knowledge and industry. Students are expected to put in a minimum of 4 weeks (180 working hours) into the project. Preference will be given to projects dealing with Internet marketing and problems faced by professional small companies.

20th January 2012 is the last date for submitting the project. The winners will be given the prize money in cheque along with the letters. This will also be publicized.

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Jan 9, 2012

This is Dentistry Supporting UK Dental Practice Businesses

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London, UK – This is Dentistry provides patients with comprehensive dentistry information and also to connects them with expert UK dentists who can address specific dental concerns.

Searching for a UK dentist has never been this easy with This is Dentistry’s easy search functionality and the ability to look at dentists’ profiles, view dentists approach to patients, to navigate website, where patients can look at dentists’ profiles to view their different dentistry approaches, skill sets, experiences, photos and videos. Users of This is Dentistry can “Get a Quote” from the dentist they are interested in, and can even send a question to a specific dentist or ask a question directly, or visit the dentist’s own forum.

A spokesperson for said, “We believe that UK dentistry offers some of the highest standards in world for treatments such as Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants, which is the reason why we firmly support the promotion of homegrown talent. UK Dentists are governed by the General Dental Council (GDC), and offer state-of-the-art technology, choice and quality patient care and support”

He continued to say, “Many Expert UK dentists (NHS and Private Dentists) have the skills, expertise, and the technology to provide high-quality treatments that will ultimately give the patient peace of mind long after the treatment is complete. There is so much choice in the UK also in terms of affordability and pricing of dental treatments.”

This is Dentistry offers UK dentists the opportunity to have their dental practice/s listed in a very clear eye catching manner, with their own web page, as well as the chance to submit videos and dental articles. This is Dentistry does its part through continual online marketing, with the aim of driving a larger volume of high quality, search term specific web traffic and as a result, more and more patients are using This is Dentistry. Members of the public may simply be searching for answers to their dental problems or want a second opinion.

This is Dentistry encourages dentists to engage in social networking as a media to connect more readily with patients, and provide expert advice, which may otherwise not be readily available. expert advice – not just to sell treatments and dental services. This way, dentists can effectively build a solid reputation, and gain the trust of members of the public.

For further details, please contact:
This is Dentistry,
31 Avondale road, Bromley,
London BR1 4HS, UK.
Tel: 020 8123 5802

About This is Dentistry:
This is Dentistry was formed in 2010 by business owners, who have over 15 years of experience working in the field of dentistry. The goal of This is Dentistry is to have everything about dentistry in the UK in this website, bringing valuable dentistry information much closer to the public.

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Nov 25, 2011

Premier Glow Offers Wide Glow Stick Color Selection

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Collierville, TN (October 25, 2011) – Premier Glow, a leading online supplier of glow sticks, party novelties and light up toys is offering wide glow stick color selection, enabling its customers to choose from a variety of colors.

Looking for an appropriate colored glow stick to match your outfit? Planning to add mesmerizing color to the decoration of your party? Or do you want to cheer your favorite team using matching colored glow sticks? Whatever the purpose may be, you are never disappointed as glow sticks of various colors are just a click away. Check, which is offering glow sticks in various colors.

Already popular for its wide assortment of glow products at cheaper rates, Premier Glow leaves no reason for its customers to complain. It is offering glow sticks in 9 different colors – red, blue, green, orange, white, purple, pink, aqua and yellow. These colors are available in various sizes of glow sticks ranging from 6 to 12 inches including mini glow sticks of 1.5 inches.

A spokesperson for Premier Glow said, “Our aim is to make our store a one stop shop for glow sticks and other glow products. Hence, we are offering glow sticks and other products in all the possible colors and varieties. On visiting our site, customers can get whatever they need without having to search for other retailers. Many of our competitors do offer glow products, but the selection is limited.”

He further added, “Our business is a proven example of easy and convenient shopping for our customers. Right from offering glow products at affordable prices to huge varieties of products and colors, and effective shipping, every element of our business is customer friendly.”

Premier Glow has been continuously expanding its product line by adding new glow products and light up toys. Apart from glow sticks, other glow products offered by Premier Glow include glow necklaces, rings, bracelets, glow swords, wands, confetti cannons, holiday toys (for Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), light up toys, head wears, flashing tiaras, light up barware, promotional products, LED products and a whole range of night golf material. All these products are available at wholesale prices.

Assuring customers a wide variety of good quality and safe products, Premier Glow is all set to be an obvious choice for purchasing party novelties.

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Oct 25, 2011

Experts From Inspire Yard Ideas Section With Informative Content

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Castro Valley, Calif. (Oct 14, 2011) –, a free website that allows homeowners and landscape professionals to create “virtual” yards, share tips, and create friendships, is continuously updating its Yard Ideas section to share its expertise and extensive knowledge on landscaping.

It’s not just any other landscaping blog. The yard ideas presented here come directly from YardShare homeowners and experts, packed into neat little articles.

When asked about the articles in this section, founder, Bryan Powell said, “We are continuously posting articles on creating and maintaining yards and gardens as we know that this kind of information, when coupled with pictures of the ideas themselves, are in short supply on the Internet. We use yards that our members have shared as examples of great ideas that will hopefully inspire you.”

He further said, “We want YardShare to be a central destination on the web where a yard lover can view & share pictures, ask and answer questions, and generate ideas for their own yards.”

The Yard Ideas section launched in April 2009 and continued to grow in popularity with yard lovers. The section, which is updated several times a week, provides do-it-yourself tips, creative ideas, step-by-step illustration of construction of yards and many more to help amateurs, professionals and garden enthusiasts design their yards and gardens.

When asked about the response from their readers, he said, “We regularly receive excellent feedback from our readers and this has always been our motivation to provide more insightful information.”

Widely-read articles over the past few weeks include: ‘Gardening for Seniors’, ‘Create Your Own Small Pond This Weekend’, ‘Feed the Earth! A Guide to Composting’, ‘Fire It Up! Fire Pit Ideas’, ‘Growing Carnivorous Plants’, and ‘Your Own Wild Kingdom’.

The members are also allowed to share their yard ideas and post pictures. One can even get some really advanced and sophisticated designing ideas and suggestions from experts. So, make sure that you visit this site to make your outdoor spaces look more unique, attractive and creative. Read the rest of this post

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Oct 14, 2011