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Benefits of Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening refers to gardening purely based on compost, manure, bio pest control and use of organic fertilizers made from plant and animal waste. It is free from chemicals which are potentially harmful like pesticides, insecticides, and inorganic fertilizer (urea and synthetic chemicals) preservatives and coloring. Organic gardening is mainly based on 3 factors improving the quality of sand by using natural fertilizers, maintaining proper PH levels and use of bio pest control when required.

About Organic GardeningFairy garden

Organic gardening may not give you high yield at beginning but it gradually maintains and increases the fertility of soil and eventually you get good yield. So it is essential to prepare the soil with good compost and manure. It is also important to know the PH and nutrient levels of the soil and necessary to get the soil quality check as it will help in choosing the right plants for your garden. Plants growth depends on many factors from light to soil moisture but a good quality seed gives good plants. Proper watering is also required & the best time to water plants is in early morning to avoid evaporation. Since it is nearly impossible to avoid pests, use bio pesticides for removing pests. You can make use of tools & hand to remove weeds instead of using chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Gardening

More Nutrition Value
Comparatively organic vegetables have more nutrition value because vegetable which is grown on manure and natural compost contain soil with more vitamins and minerals. Thus it yields much healthier vegetable and fruits rather than chemically grown once.

Extensive use of inorganic fertilizers over period of time reduces the efficiency of the soil. Study proves that nitrate fertilizers kill the earthworm and damage the soils nutrition value. The increase in nitrate content makes fruits and vegetables harmful for consumption because it damages blood cells. On the other hand use of organic manure and compost increase soil fertility.

Conventional farming includes excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. It not only cause soil pollution but the pesticides but also leads to contamination of groundwater and surface water. Organic farming helps in maintaining healthy bio diversity and controls global warming.

Reduce EnergyFairy houses
The increase in demand for organic foods encourages organic gardening and now almost every food category has organic alternative. Organic gardening consumes 50% less energy compared to typical conventional gardening.

Producing your own food gives you satisfaction that your food is free from harmful toxic chemicals. Organic produced food has higher minerals and vitamins compared to conventional types.

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Jun 19, 2017

Importance of Organic Gardening

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In general term, the meaning of gardening is that where we involve in cultivating plants, herbs, shrubs, flowers, vegetables. And the area which is used for cultivation of all such things is called garden. Gardening can be treated as a one of the free time hobby or activity. Nowadays many people are getting involved in the activity of gardening because it helps them to release out the stress. Many people visit garden alone or with family to spend some quality time together or to have some fun. Garden is a peaceful place and center of attraction for the children. And it nourishes great ideas and thoughts in their mind which makes them to create new things.

There are many people who have the interest to do the gardening but having less space for the garden. For such people miniature gardening is a good idea. Basically miniature garden are created to have a garden at a small scale. You can create miniature garden in any container and place it next to your home entrance or in any place inside your home. It makes your environment pleasing and adds more value to your home. For instance, in your miniature garden you can create a small pond, having shrubs around it, a cactus plant, colorful flowers and leaves with a grassy ground and some small stones, marbles on that ground.

Another type of gardening that benefits you in terms of physically and mentally is called organic gardening. Method of organic gardening is moreLED growlights preferable to produce fruits and vegetables than traditional method. In this gardening you produce the items like vegetables, fruits without using the pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Organic gardening are used to generate nutritious and healthy food. It is also effective in nurturing the nutrients of plants and soil. And also attracts such insects and flies that are helpful for the cultivation of plants.

Lets Understand how Organic Gardening is Beneficial

  • In organic gardening the level of minerals in spinach, cabbage and other vegetables and fruits are much more comparing to conventional gardening. Also involving in the activity of gardening is a great way of burning calories.
  • There are many people who are producing the organic food in their garden. It makes them to save more money than producing the food through conventional gardening.miniature garden
  • The trend of growing vegetables and fruits is changing and more number of people are moving towards growing the organic food. This type of gardening enriches the soil and bacteria present in the soil makes the soil more suitable for planting. By cultivating organic flower plants you can attract such insects which are helpful for controlling pest.
  • Organically produced food protect us from highly toxic pesticides and supplies us required vitamins and nutrients. And make our body ready to fight with cancer, improves our skin health, provides good eyesight, prevent from diabetes, cramps, obesity, hypertension, improves immunity, etc.
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Mar 30, 2017

Great Choices of Small Cars 2013

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There is no secret that increasing consumer demand for economical cars or vehicles has sparked a small car renaissance among United States automakers. Nearly five years ago, it was tough to find five entry-level small cars to recommend. If you are in market for the new economical car that does not feel small in value, the following cars should be on your preference list.

  • 2013 BMW 1-Series: With moderately priced compact cars, Audi and BMW have expanded their lineups and with the CLA Mercedes Benz will soon do the same. The Mercedes yet to come and the Audi A3 due for a redesign, so our favorite of the group is the BMW 1-Series. It’s enough with the base engine in 128i, but 300 horsepower turbocharged inline six cylinder in 135i makes it as a rocket. The 1-Series is offering most of the vaunted 3-Series handling prowess, but with a slightly lower price and a bit less refinement.
  • 2013 Buick Verano: Sometimes the brand image can hurt when small luxury cars built on an economy car platform. But with General Motor’s Buick Verano it is different. It is based on Chevrolet Cruze, which also made this list, but Verano offers quieter interior and even more refinement than Cruze. Available 250 horsepower turbocharged four cylinder engine adds muscle to natural athleticism of compact’s.
  • 2013 Chevrolet Cruze: The Cruze is the best small car from Chevrolet. It offers levels of refinement and quietness those are not just impressive for General Motors, but for the automotive market (in general). Base engine is fuel efficient, but the better choice is 1.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder. It provides better fuel economy (in the Eco trim up to 42 mpg highway) offers more torque, and quieter. Inexpensive and roomy, to the typical small midsize sedan, Cruze is an economical alternative.
  • 2013 Chevrolet Sonic: If Cruze is not the best small car then the Chevrolet has another ever built, Sonic. It is having the same engine choices as Cruze but in smaller package. Its lighter weight makes it more agile and quicker than its bigger sibling. The Sonic hatchback with the 1.4 liter engine and six speed manual transmission is sporty.
  • 2013 Dodge Dart: The Dodge Dart offers technology and refinement which we do not expect in the small car class. As a typical midsize car, it has much rear seat space. We like 1.4 liter turbocharged engine with manual transmission. But CEO of Chrysler feels that the dual clutch automated manual transmission is not right for the American audience. That will be correct with the release of forthcoming nine speed automatic transmission, which make Dart as good as any car in the class.

The other small cars that you consider of 2013 models are Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Hyundai Elantra, Mazada Mazda3, Mazda MX-5 Miata, MINI Cooper, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Golf and GTI.
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Jan 30, 2014

Top Eight Fuel Efficient Cars of 2013

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With the price of fuel getting higher, people are looking for purchasing cars that use less fuel for a given mileage. Today, fuel efficiency is the major selling factor for vehicles. The more fuel-efficient the car is, the higher it sells. Keeping these things in mind, auto traders in US listed some of the fuel efficient car brands in 2013. This article mentions fuel-efficient cars of the year 2013.

Fuel efficient cars of 2013

1) Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z offers four cylinder engine and has a sporty look. It features a design cabin built with high quality and soft touch materials. It has comfortable seats with good legroom area. Moreover, it has more cargo space than others. It consumes less fuel and is listed as one of the fuel efficient brands in 2013. The mileage of Honda CR-Z is 37 miles per gallon.

2) Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark has four cylinder engine, and is one of the most fuel efficient cars in 2013 and gives a mileage of 34 miles per gallon. Chevrolet spark also offers spacious cabin area and great outside visibility.

3) Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius comes with high tech features with practical functions and bring to users, and is top rated for fuel economy. It gives a mileage of 50 miles per gallon. Not only it has superior fuel economy, but has features such as high tech and a comfortable ride.

4) Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius C beats other cars in terms of fuel economy. It gives an mileage estimation of 50 miles per gallon. It has a roomy interior and offers favorable pricing.

5) Toyota Prius V
Toyota Prius V has a station wagon body that makes a family car. It is rated as one of the fuel efficient cars in the United States. It gives a mileage of 42 miles per gallon.

6) Ford C-Max
It has been rated top fuel efficient car recently. The car gives a mileage of 43 miles per gallon. It carries more passengers with comfort and serves best alternative for those who consider minivan.

7) Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen TDI
A car with a superior fuel economy, Volkswagen Jetta TDI offers comfort with nice interior, huge cargo area and smooth, refined ride. It gives a mileage of 34 miles per gallon.

8) Scion iQ
Scion iQ, a highly fuel efficient car that gives a mileage of 37 miles per gallon which makes it an ideal car in the city. It offers surprising comfort and standard features that are easy to use. Though it is one of the smallest cars, it offers spacious legroom area.

With the improvement in technology, many highly fuel efficient cars have come up. These cars are not only economical in terms of fuel consumption, but also fulfill everyday driving needs. Read the rest of this post

Nov 12, 2013

Impact Of Air Conditioners On Health

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Today air conditioners are widely used in houses, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The use of air conditioners is becoming very common. It makes the environment comfortable. But, it has to be taken proper care, otherwise it can be harmful to you and your family‚Äôs health. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative impact of air conditioners on your health.

Positive Impact
There are many benefits of air conditioners. A pleasant atmosphere is created inside the house regardless how uncomfortable is the temperature outside. Some of the positive impacts are:

  • It comforts us during work and leisure time.
  • There is an increase in physical activities.
  • Insects and parasites present in air are reduced with low temperature.
  • As the air conditioner filters air, it improves the quality of indoor air.
  • If the temperature is low, there is no sweating, thus there is less chances of getting dehydrated.
  • It is helpful for people who have dust allergy.
  • Installing best kind of air conditioners will enable the employees to give out best performance.
  • Excess heat from outside can cause health problems and effect physical activities.

Negative Impact
As there are many befits from ACs, they can also be problematic. Some of the negative impacts are:

  • Indoor air humidity is removed by AC. It normally pulls away humidity from indoor and blows cool air which is actually gas. Constant use of AC can make your skin dry and chapped.
  • After sitting in air conditioned room for hours, when people move out in hot sun it can be harmful for health. Skin and body is greatly stressed and effected because of this sudden change of climate.
  • It can be problematic for people who suffer from sinus as it makes their heads feel heavy.
  • There is an increased risk of respiratory disease. AC should be set at high temperature to avoid this problem.
  • People often complain about running nose, sore throat, fever, etc. This is mainly because of regular use of AC.
  • If filters of AC are not cleaned regularly or any negligence makes poor functioning of AC, it can circulate germs present in the air which can cause asthma and some infections in respiratory tract.
  • As the temperature is lower, there is no chance of sweat. Even if hard work is done, calories are not burnt. People who spend long hours or whole day in air conditioners are more prone to weight gain.
  • If the air conditioner in car has filters that are of cheap quality it may cause breathing problems.

Having known the pros and cons of air conditioners, ultimately the decision is yours regarding how and when to use the air conditioner. Read the rest of this post

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Nov 6, 2013

New Consumer Appliances for Future: 2012

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Consumer electronics technology is changing the users tastes and their requirements. Worldwide, top manufacturers of consumer electronics are competing with themselves to come up with new innovations. New innovations in CES (consumer electronics show) takes place every year in January. Similarly, for this year also many number of new appliances are also being revealed at the show.

For the year 2012, more than 3,000 exhibitors from all across the globe have showcased their new technology products in the show. CES is buzzing with 20,000 new consumer appliances. The new technology this time is mainly focused on the equipments sizes and designs,most of the appliances in the CES appear as touch and slim designs.

The appliances which are being showcased are laptops, tablets, PCs, 3D printers, iPods, smart phones and smart televisions. Huge number of home appliances are also coming with new advanced technology. In the TV sector, dual view and dual sound HD TV’s are the latest trend. They provide two TV facilities on a single screen. And also 3D television equipments, 3D-ptinters providing the chief 3D prints with two colors are getting huge demand. The major manufacturers are coming with smart phones and advanced home appliances, which are very much eco-friendly.

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Feb 27, 2012

How Human Lifestyle is Changing with Consumer Electronics?

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Few years back, the electronic technology was permitted only to particular devices like radio, television, land phones etc., but the developments in technology has been changing the trends of electronic equipment usage. In present days, electronic equipments are taking important place in our regular life and its usage is becoming a part of our regular lifestyle.

People are using many household equipments like electric cookers, water heaters, air conditioners, filters, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, etc. The usage of these equipments is making the human lifestyle more convenient. They also provide easy operating benefits as most of them operate automatically which reduce the human participation.

The participation of these devices in entertainment is also increasing, people are using multi-media home theaters, audio and video players and recording equipments, ipad, etc., for enjoying the benefits of entertainment.

Technology has been changing the communication processes by providing convenient facilities like mobile phone, computer, notepads, etc. People can stay updated regularly by using these devices. Some of these devices also enable live communication from different places.

People can also lead an happy life without having any security concerns. Automated security equipments such as surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, alarms, etc., are used to alert the people in case of any emergencies.

With innumerable benefits to claim, consumer electronic equipments have and will change the humans lifestyle for better.

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Jan 28, 2012

Corn Heaters Help You Save Your Money and Energy

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The unique heating process of corn burning stoves do not use wood, gas or any other conventional fuel systems. They are simple to light and with the thermostatically controlled burning process, you can heat your home for up to 48 hours.

These heaters are relatively small and they are easy-to-install. Corn burning stove provides approximately 50,000 BTUs, or enough radiant heat to warm a two-thousand square foot home. Nearly two days worth of corn (75 pounds) can be stored in the stove’s hopper, which then self-loads the corn into the burner with the low-energy electric auger. Corn is an excellent source of heat for your home. Corn burns cleaner than wood and does not release dangerous chemicals into the air like pellet stoves or wood stoves.

Clean up process also is very easy, since snow-flame corns burn with unbelievable 98% efficiency compared to only 80% for wood stoves and pellet stoves. Corn burning heater needs no chopping, stacking or splitting of wood. No messy ashes, fire, smoke or poisonous effluents are released into the air, and only a minimal amount of dust settles inside the house.

Corn heater systems are creatively designed to combine the latest technology with the traditional good looks and incomparable features. Corn heaters are your best choice that fit in any budget and criteria.

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Oct 19, 2011