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Benefits of Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening refers to gardening purely based on compost, manure, bio pest control and use of organic fertilizers made from plant and animal waste. It is free from chemicals which are potentially harmful like pesticides, insecticides, and inorganic fertilizer (urea and synthetic chemicals) preservatives and coloring. Organic gardening is mainly based on 3 factors improving the quality of sand by using natural fertilizers, maintaining proper PH levels and use of bio pest control when required.

About Organic GardeningFairy garden

Organic gardening may not give you high yield at beginning but it gradually maintains and increases the fertility of soil and eventually you get good yield. So it is essential to prepare the soil with good compost and manure. It is also important to know the PH and nutrient levels of the soil and necessary to get the soil quality check as it will help in choosing the right plants for your garden. Plants growth depends on many factors from light to soil moisture but a good quality seed gives good plants. Proper watering is also required & the best time to water plants is in early morning to avoid evaporation. Since it is nearly impossible to avoid pests, use bio pesticides for removing pests. You can make use of tools & hand to remove weeds instead of using chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Gardening

More Nutrition Value
Comparatively organic vegetables have more nutrition value because vegetable which is grown on manure and natural compost contain soil with more vitamins and minerals. Thus it yields much healthier vegetable and fruits rather than chemically grown once.

Extensive use of inorganic fertilizers over period of time reduces the efficiency of the soil. Study proves that nitrate fertilizers kill the earthworm and damage the soils nutrition value. The increase in nitrate content makes fruits and vegetables harmful for consumption because it damages blood cells. On the other hand use of organic manure and compost increase soil fertility.

Conventional farming includes excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. It not only cause soil pollution but the pesticides but also leads to contamination of groundwater and surface water. Organic farming helps in maintaining healthy bio diversity and controls global warming.

Reduce EnergyFairy houses
The increase in demand for organic foods encourages organic gardening and now almost every food category has organic alternative. Organic gardening consumes 50% less energy compared to typical conventional gardening.

Producing your own food gives you satisfaction that your food is free from harmful toxic chemicals. Organic produced food has higher minerals and vitamins compared to conventional types.

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Jun 19, 2017

Beautiful Miniature Plants for Indoors

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There are many types of garden for the gardening and miniature garden is one of the types. Miniature gardening is a way of enhancing the miniature housesimagination. In miniature gardening tiny trees and varieties of accessories are used to make it as a fairy garden. It is a perfect example of garden because miniature garden is also used to educate children. Miniature garden does not need much time and efforts and can be maintained easily even by children.

The trend of having miniature garden is increasing for indoor as well as outdoor purpose. Creating the miniature garden inside the home means adding more value to home or making it more beautiful. Colorful and beautifully shaded flowers and leaves look fantastic when it is kept on stairs, roof or hanged on railing or wall. This is a good source to attract the butterflies and birds which also creates a beautiful scene. Most people from urban area prefer to have miniature garden inside their home because of having the less greenery around their house. It creates good environment inside the home where everyone feels attached with nature by looking at trees. Miniature tree help in to breath in a healthy environment. There are many plants available which grow very well in indoor miniature garden.

  • Coleus plant is a fast growing plant and available in wide range of color combination ( red, maroon, yellow, pink, green, ivory, brown) and leaf LED growlightspatterns. Wherever the plant is placed, it enhances the beauty of that place. Coleus plants that are grown in containers need more watering comparing to those coleus plants that are grown on ground. This plant is easy to propagate and grows best in average sunny area.
  • Mexican heather is a hardy and drought tolerant plant. Container of this plant can be kept in sunlight or half shaded area. It grows better in pots as well as on ground. Watering for mexican heather needed to be done often because it dries the container soil fast. However, over watering can affect the growth of the plant. Mexican heather is a semi evergreen plant and does not need much pruning.
  • Croton plant is treated as one of the decor that makes the part of home more beautiful. Leaves of this plant comes in different combination i.e.miniature garden short long, short, thin, thick & coiled. Croton plant basically grow better in tropical climates and needed to be placed at half shaded area. It is considered as one of the best houseplants that enhances the beauty of any place. The process of growing, propagation and cultivation of this plant is very easy. It blooms in different shades like green, pink, red, yellow, orange or mixture of all these colors.
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May 2, 2017

Importance of Organic Gardening

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In general term, the meaning of gardening is that where we involve in cultivating plants, herbs, shrubs, flowers, vegetables. And the area which is used for cultivation of all such things is called garden. Gardening can be treated as a one of the free time hobby or activity. Nowadays many people are getting involved in the activity of gardening because it helps them to release out the stress. Many people visit garden alone or with family to spend some quality time together or to have some fun. Garden is a peaceful place and center of attraction for the children. And it nourishes great ideas and thoughts in their mind which makes them to create new things.

There are many people who have the interest to do the gardening but having less space for the garden. For such people miniature gardening is a good idea. Basically miniature garden are created to have a garden at a small scale. You can create miniature garden in any container and place it next to your home entrance or in any place inside your home. It makes your environment pleasing and adds more value to your home. For instance, in your miniature garden you can create a small pond, having shrubs around it, a cactus plant, colorful flowers and leaves with a grassy ground and some small stones, marbles on that ground.

Another type of gardening that benefits you in terms of physically and mentally is called organic gardening. Method of organic gardening is moreLED growlights preferable to produce fruits and vegetables than traditional method. In this gardening you produce the items like vegetables, fruits without using the pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Organic gardening are used to generate nutritious and healthy food. It is also effective in nurturing the nutrients of plants and soil. And also attracts such insects and flies that are helpful for the cultivation of plants.

Lets Understand how Organic Gardening is Beneficial

  • In organic gardening the level of minerals in spinach, cabbage and other vegetables and fruits are much more comparing to conventional gardening. Also involving in the activity of gardening is a great way of burning calories.
  • There are many people who are producing the organic food in their garden. It makes them to save more money than producing the food through conventional gardening.miniature garden
  • The trend of growing vegetables and fruits is changing and more number of people are moving towards growing the organic food. This type of gardening enriches the soil and bacteria present in the soil makes the soil more suitable for planting. By cultivating organic flower plants you can attract such insects which are helpful for controlling pest.
  • Organically produced food protect us from highly toxic pesticides and supplies us required vitamins and nutrients. And make our body ready to fight with cancer, improves our skin health, provides good eyesight, prevent from diabetes, cramps, obesity, hypertension, improves immunity, etc.
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Mar 30, 2017

Necessity of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a method or technique which is helpful to gather the related data over the internet as a source. Cloud Computing is an effective, reliable and a cost control online computing. It allows us to use and store the information and programs for different purposes. It works as an intangible medium where we need not to have the hard drives for the storage of different programs and required information.

Different Platforms of Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS)
SaaS stands for Software as a service or it can be treated as (B2B) Business to Business. On the demand of a user the licensing and delivery of the software is provided to the user as a service on subscription. On the demand of the user the software is being provided in cloud computing to manage their work process. With a internet connection the SaaS facility can be available.
Examples of SaaS products : Google Apps, Sales Force, Marketo, Workday, Citrix GoToMeeting.
Short glance on its products Google Drive and G-mail are the product of google Apps which is trending and widely used by it’s users. It is used to store the data online instead of storing in a hard disk of a computer. The data can easily be accessible by the user and he also can allow others to use the same data for sharing purpose and also with the features of maintaining high security and storing the necessary data

Platform as a Service (PaaS)
PaaS is a category of cloud computing which allows customers to develop and manage the application without creating any infrastructure which is needed to manage the web applications, its development and introducing apps in the market.
Examples of PaaS : AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Apache Stratos, Google App Engine, Windows Azure.

Infrastructure as a Service
It is a kind of cloud computing that provides computing infrastructure resources over the internet. It allows users to use virtual machines, servers, storage and network on the basis of required consumption.
Iaas Example: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco Metapod, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine (GCE).

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Profitable for Small Scale Business
    As it is well known that small scale business cannot invest more on installation of software, hardware and server. So they can use cloud computing as an alternative to that, where they can receive the required things through cloud computing and can invest the capital on training the people and improving their production and result.
  • Performance of Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing provides the well and accurate data to the end user, by which the user can also be benefited in their outcome of any work.
  • Security in Cloud
    In cloud everything is highly secured. There are less chances of misuse of data of a company or an individual which can affect their work performance.
  • User Friendly
    It is easy for an user or an organization to understand the working process at cloud computing, as it is user friendly where the storing, accessing and sharing of data and programs can easily be manageable.

The cloud computing products can be easily accessed by the user from anywhere. The users can develop, modify and run the internet based applications with an internet connection. It creates an useful medium to work effectively.

Feb 8, 2017

Surface mount technology in PCB

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PCBs are an innovation. PCBs have made circuits sturdy, small and neat as compared to early boards. This is the through hole technology of PCB fabrication. With time and requirement, the size if the PCB started appearing bigger. As this is an era of miniaturization, further reduction in size of the PCB was required. To cater to miniaturization of the circuits, surface mount technology came into effect. The components lack leads and can be soldered on the same side of the board where the circuit is.

Features of the surface mount technology
As the name suggests, components are placed on the same surface where the circuit design is soldered. This saves the other surface of the PCB substrate and it can also be utilized to design a circuit and placement of circuit components. The circuit components for surface mount technology are different from conventional components. They are flat profiled, small and give minimum height and length to the circuit.

A metallic bed is prepared for them on the circuit. The components have metallic ends. The components are placed on the bed and are soldered on the same surface. Even though they are on the same surface, a few holes need to be drilled on the board to connecting the circuits through on the two surfaces. These are called vias. They are useful in expelling heat from a circuit.

Circuit components are designed specifically for surface mount boards, ICs, resistors, capacitors, etc. all come in a very miniature and small flat profiled form. The main and the basic motive is to minimize the circuit.


  • The technology has become possible only because of the flat profile and small components. This has resulted in massive miniaturization of the circuits due to small component size, high density fabrication and utilization of both sides of the PCB substrate.
  • The data speeds are very good in surface mount technologies due to small track lengths and good circuit design.
  • The cost of production is low. Mass production of the components can be done and only few holes need to be drilled on the boards.
  • It offers less resistance to shocks and vibrations due to less height of the boards.
  • Low RF leakage and inductance at the soldering ends.


  • Reliability of solder joints is a major concern. With the miniaturization, soldering area is becoming minimal. They can also be damaged by impulsive jerks and potting compounds while thermal treatment.
  • These boards are not compatible with breadboard sockets. Hence they are not friendly to test.
  • They are not suitable for high power applications.
  • Skilled operators and workforce is required to tackle the problems associated with surface mount boards.
Sep 3, 2014

How a Dry Sump System of Lubrication in Automobile Works

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A dry sump is a lubricating oil management system which is commonly used in four stroke and big two stroke engines. It uses an external reservoir tofuel pump replacement store the oil and an external pump to circulate it. In four stroke engines, both lubrication and cooling is done by the lubricant oil.

Like the wet sump system, the lubricant still falls at the base of the crank case. But unlike the wet sump system, it falls to a much deeper collection area. From there it is taken to a reservoir which is outside the engine and is cooled and deaerated. The oil pumps that perform this are called the scavenge pumps and are also located outside the engine and they are run by a belt that is connected to the crankshaft. The pumps which draw the oil from the reservoir and send it back to the engine with pressure is called the pressure pump. Both of these pressure pumps are connected to and are run by the crankshaft. Due to their design, one pulley at the front can run a certain number of pumps according to the need of the engine.

Advantages of the dry sump system

  • The obvious advantage of a dry sump system is the increased oil capacity is offered by the reservoir which is kept away from the engine.
  • Since the reservoir is located in a different place and due to the thinner size of the sump, the engine can be mounted low in the vehicle. This provides better center of gravity.
  • Since the reservoir is external to the engine, it can also be used to improve weight distribution in the vehicle by relocating it to different positions.
  • Since more oil can be added due to the bigger size of the reservoir, it helps in better cooling of the engine and along with the transfer of oil, the blow-by gases also gets released.
  • Another important advantage is the issue of oil movement. In splash and pressure wet sump systems, due to cornering forces, the oil in the sump is displaced to a corner and the pickup tube would be uncovered temporarily. This problem is easily overcome in dry sump engines as the pickup pumps receive oil from the engine not by pressure but by gravity.
  • In a wet sump, excess of oil around the crank shaft can get on it and decrease horsepower. Studies show that there is increase in working efficiency as much as 15 hp by changing to a dry sump.
  • Easy to repair as it does not require opening up the engine.

Disadvantagesfuel pump repair

  • The cost is much higher compared to that of a wet sump, and is more complicated.
  • Since a separate tank is needed, extra space has to be managed for this purpose.
  • The pump requires its own drive belt, which makes it difficult to accommodate in front wheel drive vehicles.
  • The pump should be placed very low for good scavenging and this again takes up space which can be used by other components.

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May 21, 2014

2013 Honda’s Best Selling Models

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The Honda is in a top position with its models Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Honda CR-V. These three models are occupied the twenty best selling cars of 2013 list released by the Forbes. In this article, we will see its specifications that attract the customers.

  • Honda Civic: As of October 2013 the Honda Civic 27,328 with 32.1% change than 2012 (20,687) and has a year to date increase of 10.3%. It is occupied the second place after Toyota Camry. In the new model, there are some small changes than the 2013 model along with enhanced design and more functions.
    • Interior: In Honda Civic, the rear seats can folding back, rear ventilation ducts, and height adjustable driver seat and bucket front seats available. The power features are power mirrors, remote power door locks, and one-touch power windows.
    • Exterior: Rear defogger, intermittent wipers, steel wheels & spare and all-season tires.
    • Safety: There is a big list of safety features available in the Honda Civic. Four wheel ABS, dual front side mounted, and front & rear head airbags, remote anti-theft alarm system, and stability and traction control.
    • Pros and Cons: Available coupe body style, spacious interior, good fuel economy, composed and comfortable ride and wide variety of power trains are the pros. The cons are mediocre brakes, and natural gas and hybrid models have small trunks.
  • Honda Accord: With the last years redesign, Honda Accord’s sales are up 11%. It is next to the Honda Civic and occupied the third place as per October 2013 sales.
    • Interior: The interior features are like similar to Civic model like bucket front seats, height adjustable driver seat, folding rear seat back etc.
    • Exterior: The exterior features are 16-inch alloy wheels, steel spare wheel, temporary spare tires, and Variable intermittent wipers.
    • Safety: The safety features are similar with the Honda Civic.
    • Pros and Cons: Pros of 2014 Honda Accord are available coupe body style, responsive handling, quick acceleration, efficient and refined powertrains, high quality and roomy interior. Cons are split feature doesn’t have for rear folding seat, firm ride quality and the characteristics of CVT’s won’t suitable everybody.
  • Honda CR-V: For the compact crossover utilities, Honda CR-V is the hot market leader. With the redesigned Ford Escape and other strong contenders, Honda CR-V is fighting off. By 2013 October statistics its sales number is 22,554. The interior, exterior and safety features are mostly similar to the Honda Civic.
    • Pros and Cons: The advantages of Honda CR-V are strong crash test scores, ample standard tech features, user-friendly controls, good fuel economy, abundant cargo and passenger room. Cons are no manual transmission, some cheap cabin materials, and engine upgrade is not available.

The Honda Accord and Honda Civic are in the fourth and sixth places of the twenty best selling cars of 2013 list of Forbes. Even in the October 2013 sales, it is below twentieth rank, and there is great competition, Honda CR-V is in the top list at ninth place.
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Feb 7, 2014

Google Authorship for Auto Dealerships to Get Higher Click Throughs

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Google Authorship has began with the Google’s implementation of massive social network Google + (Google Plus). Google plus is an attempt by Google to directly compete with Facebook.

  • Google authorship: Through Google Authorship, Google allows the author to associate the content to publish with the Google plus profile. It pulls profile photos or images and other information into search engine results pages of the content author. The process for applying Google authorship is relatively simple. There seems to be no exact reason to whose authorship requests will Google chooses to approve. So the application process is easy enough that it is worth applying.
  • Why Google authorship? Google has its own social media platform. It pushes benefits to tying this platform into the websites. Google has also integrated voting buttons that allow users to “+1″ (as Facebook “Likes”) content and also to share content on their Google plus time line. The other useful feature is ability to claim for the content on a website or web page by simply linking it to your personal Google plus profile. The benefits of this are:
    • More exposure for your Google plus page.
    • Ability to get analytic data about social engagement.
    • From organic search results you can get higher click through ratios.
    • Increased credibility prior to the visitors clicking through to your website.
    • Satisfaction of knowing as you are more advanced than competitors.
  • How to apply: It just takes a few minutes to apply for the Google authorship. Just follow the steps below:
    • Check that your Google plus profile page has a recognizable head shot profile photo.
    • Make sure taht you have an email address (for example, on the same domain as your content ( If you do not have an email address on the same domain of your content has, Google has an alternative method to link your content to the Google plus profile with a simple verification.
    • In the About section of Google plus profile page, add that email address. So it is easy for Google to associate your Google plus account with your dealership domain.
    • Make sure for each article you publish on that domain has a byline clear identification as you are the author (for example, “Author: John Doe” or “By John Doe”).
    • Furthermore, check if byline name matches the name on your Google plus profile.

You can create dealership’s business or personal Google plus pages on which you can connect with your friends. Google plus has been continuously raising with users, and with many features they have implemented since they launched. It is quickly becoming one of the widely used social media platforms.
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Feb 3, 2014