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OSHA: What does It Cover?

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OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) is a government agency that is within the department of labor. OSHA is accountable for setting, supporting and implementing the standards to ensure that the employees have the safe workplace. Under OSHA many employees or employers or workers are covered. To know them in detail go through the following information.

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Dec 30, 2014

Lydia Davis Wins The Man Booker International Prize 2013

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American writer Lydia Davis wins the Man Booker International Prize 2013. Lydia Davis is known for her very short stores. Her short stories show elements of being analytical, intelligent, crafty and firm.

The Man Booker International Prize is awarded once in two years to an author for “an achievement in fiction on the world stage.” The prize comprises a prize of £60,000 (about $91,000).

The eligible work needs to be original in English or needs to be widely available in translated version.

According to the chairman of the jury awarding the prize, Lydia’s short stories could be classified as “miniatures, anecdotes, essays, jokes, parables, fables, texts, aphorisms or even apophthegms, prayers or simply observations.”

Philip Roth won the Man Booker International Prize, 2011.

Source: Economist

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May 24, 2013

Know about Remote Desktop Service

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website monitorRemote Desktop Service is a technology with the help of which, you will be able to sit on your system and get connected to the host computer, which is located at a different location. More specifically, by going in for this technology, you, on your part will get access to your office system from your desktop and at the same time can also get access to your applications, network resources as well as files. All you need to do on your part is to leave your system at office with programs running and by the time you get home you can get access to your workplace system with the similar programs running.

website monitoringMany industries including the management ones have benefited by this technology. With the advent of this technology, you can install new updates and applications on all computers via a single order without executing the same individually. Over and above, by going in for this technology, you can, not only identify various computer issues but then can also debug the same.

Not only management industries, instead you will find the use of remote desktop service even in educational institutions aimed at helping the students with multiple options like online learning and distance learning. By going in for this option, you will find that students can watch or learn a presentation or workout an exercise by getting access and connected to the system of their institution. In addition to the management industries and education sector, you will also find the use of this technology in the telecommuting sector. In recent times, you can get access to various telecommuting opportunities wherein a worker can work from any corner of the world. The only thing that s/he will need is an Internet connection and computer or laptop. Read the rest of this post

Aug 17, 2012

UK SMEs Confident About Their Own Businesses, But No Hope Regarding General Economy

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According to the data released by Continental Research Business Omnibus, small companies in UK are regaining confidence in their own trading prospects. However, that is not the case with overall economy; the companies still feel that the recession is not yet over.

Net trading prospects remain unchanged gaining just two points between the third and fourth quarters of 2009. In contrast, in the fourth quarter, confidence regarding improvement of general economy began to fall from 34 in September to 21 at the close of the year.

The above results suggest that though the prospects of own businesses are slightly increasing, many of the business owners still believe that the economy is experiencing downturn.

Businesses having turnover of between £250K and £500K were not very optimistic, coming down by some 23 points since the third quarter of 2009. Contrastingly businesses with a turnover of between £50K and £100K dropped only by seven points, signaling regained confidence and those turning over £100K-£250K dipped by 13 points while those at the upper end of the sample slipped down nine points.

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Jan 5, 2011

Marvist Consulting Completes 5 Years in the Service of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

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Released by: Marvist Consulting

Marvist Consulting group, a premier offshore web marketing company, completes five years of providing successful Internet Marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses across North America.

Marvist Consulting group completed five years of providing professional, result-oriented, and value based Internet Marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses across North America. Since its founding in 2005, Marvist helped more than 400 websites get first page rankings on all major search engines.

Marvist Consulting during the process grew its client base, mostly small and mid-sized companies by choice to enable them sell more of their products and services faster. Marvist Consulting provides cost effective and result oriented solutions to small and mid-sized companies across North America to improve their business by effectively providing Internet marketing consulting, Internet marketing research, SEO, PPC and link building services. Marvist has recently added social media optimization services into its service offerings, combining its existing Internet marketing expertise with the emerging social media tools.

Marvist Consulting has offered services to clients from wide range of industries including real estate, pharmaceuticals, automobile, healthcare, construction, educational services, professional, scientific, and technical services.

Marvist Consulting continuously strives to put clients needs first by providing result oriented services generating solid ROI with affordable pricing. Marvist strongly believes in serving clients with unwavering commitment to professionalism and following ethical business practices.

For further details, please contact:
Marvist Consulting LLC
103 Carnegie Center
Suite 300
Princeton, NJ-08540, U.S.A
Email: sales(at)marvist(dot)com

About Marvist Consulting:
Marvist Consulting is a rapidly growing offshore Internet Marketing and Marketing Research Company based out of Princeton, New Jersey. The company started its operations in April 2005 and offers strategic consulting as well as tactical marketing services through offshore model. The services offered by Marvist Consulting are in the fields of Internet Marketing Strategy and Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Online Market Research. Marvist has helped 400+ worldwide clients to sell more of their products and services faster and easier. Marvist works directly with businesses and offers services through business partners. Marvist offers a unique service delivery model. The consulting team is from USA while the analysts and associates work from India facilitating performance oriented and cost effective marketing solutions.

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Oct 20, 2010

Census Bureau: US Lost 104,000 Business Firms in 2008

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According to the US Census Bureau, US businesses with paid employees lost almost 104,000 firms in 2008 which brought the total number to 7.6 million. Nevertheless, the number of people employed increased to 121 million. Businesses added approximately 300,000 employees to their payrolls.

In County Business Pattern 2008, detailed annual information on the number of firms, employees, and quarterly and annual payroll for most of the 1,100 industries was covered at the national, state and country levels.

Business Establishments stats
Only 9 countries saw increase in the number of establishments in 2008 among 50 largest counties. Around 10 counties saw decline of more than 1,000 establishments.

Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Wyoming were the 4 states which saw increase in establishments in 2008.

A 3.1 percent decrease from 2007 in business locations was seen in Florida which was the largest percentage. It represented more than 16,000 establishments.

Other than Florida, Michigan (2.6%), Idaho (2.5%) and Ohio(2.4%) decrease was observed with the largest percentage decreases in establishments.

Employment Stats
There was highest increase in percentage of employment from 2007 to 2008 in leading states and the District of Columbia. North Dakota with 4.1% added 12,000 employees and the New Hampshire with 3.9% adding 22,000 employees.

Philadelphia, Multnomah, were the counties with the highest increases in payroll. Philadelphia had a rise of 6.2 percent to an average of $48,993 and Multnomah had a rise of 3.6 percent to an average of $43.952.

In the healthcare and social assistance sector, there was gain more than 6,700 establishments and nearly 420,000 employees in 2008 from the past year, at the national level.

There was a loss of nearly 14,500 establishments which was a 3.8 percent decrease from the past year in the real estate and leasing sector.

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Sep 4, 2010

Know About PCP Abuse Statistics as per NIDA

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In 1950, PCP was developed as as intravenous anesthetic. It is a powder of white crystalline which is dissolve in alcohol or water and it has a taste of bitter chemical. It can be smoked, snorted and orally ingested. It has different names such as Ozone, Angel dust, Wack, Rocket fuel.

PCP use causes physiological effects and increased rate of breath and blood pressure and pulse rate. Flushing and profuse sweating, breath becomes shallow, loss of muscular coordination, generalized numbness of the extremities may occur because of PCP abuse.

Statistics and trends:
PCP was abused by 99,000 Americans aged 12 and older at least once in the year prior to being surveyed, in 2008. PCP was used by 1.8 percent of high school seniors in 2008, 1.1 percent of seniors were using PCP in past year.

PCP was used by 6.1 million persons aged 12 or older in their lifetime in 2007, in the past year PCP was used by 1,37000 persons in the same group.

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Aug 31, 2010

82 Percent Small Business Owners interested to expand of e-mail marketing in Next 12 Months: Poll

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82% small business are planning to increase their e-mail marketing over the next year based on Weber Communications, which is polled of 2,579 small businesses.

Also, this poll found 70% of businesses are getting in on it employing some sort of social media tactic and 77% say that integrating e-mail marketing with social media is either very important or moderately important.

According to around 50 percent of small businesses in a recent survey, behavioral targeting in online advertising and merchandising is increasing their conversion rates significantly. It is based on directing ads at consumers based on their web-browsing behavior.

Why small business prefer e-mail Marketing?

  1. They track people who open an e-mail and who don’t.
  2. They track who clicks links in an e-mail and who don’t.
  3. The reports of sales revenue are generated as a direct results of an e-mail campaign.
  4. The reports are generated on ad campaigns or sign up forms which brings many subscribers.

It also offers consumers more ways to get information increasing brand loyalty. Around 20 percent said that they derived large amounts of benefits integrating social media with marketing and also has increased consumer loyalty.

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Aug 12, 2010