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Consumer Safety and Fraud Prevention Labor Laws for Employees Awareness

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There are some labor laws on consumer safety and fraud prevention. Every employee should be aware of these laws. Placed below are the consumer safety and fraud prevention laws.

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Mar 24, 2015

Technical Features and Advantages of a ‘V’ Engine

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The V-type of engine has two rows of cylinders at an angle usually of 90 degrees. The working of a V engine is similar to that of a flat engine except the angle. Different angles of a v-type engine gives rise to different levels of smoothness. Some steep angles of the engine combines the advantages of V and flat engines and also the disadvantages.

Its advantages are its short length, the great rigidity of the block, its heavy crankshaft, and attractive low profile (for a car with a low hood).

Since it is short, it is compact and can be mounted easily. It is desirable in a vehicle with a small hood since the engine can be fit without negotiating passenger space. This engine lends itself to very high compression ratios without block distortion under load, resistance to torsional vibration. In-line engines have cylinders arranged, one after the other, in a straight line. Overall, V type engines are better and more powerful.

V engines are both used in cars and motorcycles. It is a highly preferred one in motorcycles due to its compactness.


V2 (V-twin): Has two cylinders mounted in a ‘V’ shape. Most of The V-twin connecting rods share the same crank-pin. The cylinders can either be off-set in two different planes or can be set in the same plane using the ‘fork and knife’ connecting rods.

V4: V4 has been used in vehicles very less compared to the other V engines. The only advantage it has is that it is small in size and still can produce 140 horse power.

V6: The V6 has 6 cylinders, three of them joining the other three at a right angle or an acute angle. Like all V engines, all the pistons rotate the same crankshaft. It is a commonly used basic configuration of engines in modern cars after straight-4.

V8: A V8 can be defined as two sets of straight-4 cylinders acting on the same crankshaft. They produce more power compared to a V6, but has the disadvantages of being costly and consumptive on fuel.

V10: A V10 is two straight-five engines coupled together. V12 is slightly more complicated and runs more smoothly, while a V8 is less complex and more economical. V10 is not found much in common purpose in cars, but highly used in F1 racing.

The other V engines are V10, V12, V14, V16, V18, V20 and V24 as of today, where the number after ‘V’ indicates the number of cylinders.
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Apr 16, 2014

Impact Of Air Conditioners On Health

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Today air conditioners are widely used in houses, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The use of air conditioners is becoming very common. It makes the environment comfortable. But, it has to be taken proper care, otherwise it can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative impact of air conditioners on your health.

Positive Impact
There are many benefits of air conditioners. A pleasant atmosphere is created inside the house regardless how uncomfortable is the temperature outside. Some of the positive impacts are:

  • It comforts us during work and leisure time.
  • There is an increase in physical activities.
  • Insects and parasites present in air are reduced with low temperature.
  • As the air conditioner filters air, it improves the quality of indoor air.
  • If the temperature is low, there is no sweating, thus there is less chances of getting dehydrated.
  • It is helpful for people who have dust allergy.
  • Installing best kind of air conditioners will enable the employees to give out best performance.
  • Excess heat from outside can cause health problems and effect physical activities.

Negative Impact
As there are many befits from ACs, they can also be problematic. Some of the negative impacts are:

  • Indoor air humidity is removed by AC. It normally pulls away humidity from indoor and blows cool air which is actually gas. Constant use of AC can make your skin dry and chapped.
  • After sitting in air conditioned room for hours, when people move out in hot sun it can be harmful for health. Skin and body is greatly stressed and effected because of this sudden change of climate.
  • It can be problematic for people who suffer from sinus as it makes their heads feel heavy.
  • There is an increased risk of respiratory disease. AC should be set at high temperature to avoid this problem.
  • People often complain about running nose, sore throat, fever, etc. This is mainly because of regular use of AC.
  • If filters of AC are not cleaned regularly or any negligence makes poor functioning of AC, it can circulate germs present in the air which can cause asthma and some infections in respiratory tract.
  • As the temperature is lower, there is no chance of sweat. Even if hard work is done, calories are not burnt. People who spend long hours or whole day in air conditioners are more prone to weight gain.
  • If the air conditioner in car has filters that are of cheap quality it may cause breathing problems.

Having known the pros and cons of air conditioners, ultimately the decision is yours regarding how and when to use the air conditioner. Read the rest of this post

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Nov 6, 2013

The Blind Spot Detection and Warning technology

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This system consists of two radar units and it is similar to lane change assistance system. This technology devices are mounted invisibly to the corners of the rear bumper. From those two radar units one will operate as a system master and the other is configured as a slave. With the help of private data link, the data of both the radar units will combine with the sensor data fusion tracking algorithm.

On the sides of the car, the two radars are pointed well and this will detect the moving vehicle beside the car fitted radar. The area that contains five lanes is scanned. Compared to the lane change assistance systems, the range of the rear is shorter, but this BSP is very easy to install and lower in cost. So, this will optimize for the freeways and slow speed urban driving. This system gives very low false alarm rate and performs excellently.

This system performs, objective to lane mapping, tracking, the warning algorithms and detection algorithms and the extra customer code can also be integrated. This system requires no extra control units. This cost efficient master slave and innovative system design interfaces all controls and indicators and performs all the functions and also communicates with the vehicle data bus.

This radar sensors monitor the space behind the road and alongside the car, also display the visual signal which is near the outside mirror. This is to indicate is their any moving vehicle in the blind spot.

This system can withstand strain and monitors the areas that are difficult to see to avoid the hazardous situations to the driver. Read the rest of this post

Oct 1, 2013

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Revenue Report for Pricing Models of Internet Marketing

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What is IAB?
AdserverInteractive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is an organization established in 1996, headquartered in New York, USA. IAB legally supports Internet advertising companies, conducts research every year and sets up standards for Internet advertising businesses.

Business can afford Internet marketing by adopting payment methods. The most common payment methods are Cost-Per-Mille (CPM), Cost-Per-Action (CPA) or Pay-Per-Performance (PPF) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC). It is the advertiser’s choice to choose one that best suits their specific business.

  • Cost-Per-Mille (CPM): Advertisers need to pay the publishers for every 1000 ad impressions.
  • Cost-Per-Action (CPA) or Pay-Per-Performance (PPF): Advertisers pay the publisher for every visitor that visited the website and performed some action like registering or purchasing on the advertiser’s website.
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Advertisers pay the publisher for every visitor who visited the website through the link posted on the hosting website.

Ad serverIAB Report on pricing models
According to the IAB survey report, the total revenues of Internet advertising on different pricing models are as follows.

  • 2009: Total revenue collected in 2009 was $22.7 billion of which, CPA contributed a major share of 59%, CPM contributes 37%, and the share of other pricing models was 4%.
  • 2010: Total revenue was $26 billion of which, CPA contributed 62%, CPM’s share was 33% and others’ was 5%.
  • 2011: Total revenue was $31.7 billion of which CPA’s contribution was 64%, CPM’s was 32% and others’ was 4%.
  • 2012 (Jan – June): Total revenue for six months was $17 billion of which, CPA’s share was 67%, CPM’s share was 31% and others’ was 2%.


  • From these figures, it is clear that the percentage of advertisers opting for Cost-Per-Action (CPA) pricing model has increased every year. It was 41% in 2004 and has increased to 67% in 2012.
  • The percentage of Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) advertisers is decreased over these years. It was 42% in 2004 and decreased to 31% in 2012.
  • In other pricing models like Cost-Per-Visitor (CPV), Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and fixed payment methods the share was high during the initial stages, but has decreased drastically from 17% in 2004 to 2% in 2012.
  • The above figures indicate that the advertisers are inclined to Cost-Per-Action (CPA) pricing model. This shows advertising via CPA helps companies do business. They are not willing to pay for the advertisements like Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) or fixed payment methods, where the advertisement does not bring any leads or sales.

These numbers show that online advertising getting popular rapidly and businesses are willing to pay for Cost-Per-Action (CPA) method, which means, paying only if the promotion has worked well for the business in getting leads or sales. Read the rest of this post

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Sep 20, 2013

GM Recalling All Cruz’s Over Fire Risk

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After reports of engine fires, General Motors(GM) Company is calling back all its 475,000 Chevrolet Cruze compacts, from 2009 through May 31. It’s a reversal for the Detroit automaker looking to raise sales of fuel-efficient compact cars.
The recall includes 413,418 vehicles in 2011-12 Cruz’s in the United States, 61,299 in Canada, and 701 in Israel. Detroit-based GM wanted to change the engine shield, which will prevents liquids from being cornered in the engine compartment, where a fire could begin and spread.

GM spokesperson Alan Adler also said that the reason for call backing is complaints of fires in their Cruze models. The spread of fire in their vehicles is linked to improper oil changes and other fluids that were jammed in the engine. And also their automakers received 31 fire complaints on their models. However, there were no injuries, crashes or deaths have been reported in connection with the fires.

The Cruze is a primal vehicle for General Motors because it was the Detroit automaker’s best-selling car in 2011 and the second best-selling compact car in the U.S. last year. However, sales of GM slowed down when Japanese automakers have returned to the market.

According to manager of product analysis for Auto Pacific Inc., the call back is not a big issue for GM, as long as fixtures are done in a timely manner.

For NHTSA, vehicle fires are a big issue it says because, in recent years there were 184,500 vehicle fires, resulting in 285 deaths and 1,440 injuries in the U.S. in 2010. They caused about $1 billion in damage.

Like this if fire spreads in Cruz’s then sales will be down for that company. So, that’s why this company is deciding to alter of the parts in the engine which can result in a fuel-efficiency Cruz’s. Read the rest of this post

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Jun 2, 2012

US Auto Industry is Emerging as the Strong Car Exporter

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Auto sales in US is increasing over the last few consecutive months. It has recorded positive sales growth for last year as well as for January. Along with sales, US auto industry becoming stronger with auto exports. The US is becoming a huge auto exporter over next few years.

His automotive compiled the US export number for 2010 exported 1.4 million units and in 2011 exported 1.56 million units. They forecast the 2012 exports at 1.65 million units and 2015 fore cast export number is 2.02 million units.

US is increasing its vehicle exports considering all car manufactures. Vehicle exports from US is increasing due to drop in labor cost and efficiency increased due to changes implemented after the auto industry collapse.

The US exports passenger cars and trucks to Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico. There US cars have more demand and customers use US brand cars more. US exports their cars to China also, in China also US cars have good demand. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 12, 2012

BMW Increased Car Sales by 5.8% for January, 2012: US

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BMW group sales for January in US increased: BMW group ( BMW and Mini combined) posted 5.8% sales growth for January. It sold 19,739 units in January month which is more than last year sales 18,656 units.

BMW brand sales for January increased with 3.4% to reported 16,405 units sales. Passenger cars posted 11,826 unit sales with 3.4%, light trucks posted 4,579 units with 2.4% and mini brand models posted 334 unit sales with 21.2%.

BMW’s best performing vehicle X3 model reported 56.9% sales growth to sold 1,687 units in January month. 6Series model car reported highest sales growth with 392.8% to post 409 unit sales and 7Series models also reported good sales with 56.1% growth to posted 977 unit sales.

Mr. Ludwig Willisch BMW North America president and CEO said, January sales are the springboard for a year, we will be introducing new models in this year, sixth generation 3series models coming up in mid-February. He extends “We are replenishing our dealers as fast as we need to meet the market demands”. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 12, 2012