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Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses

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ad server pricesText messaging or SMS is commonly used tool in mobile marketing. This tool is popular among retail and FMCG businesses. SMS marketing is considered to be one of the highly effective strategies to survive competition in the market. Sending messages to people via SMS is a great strategy because the message is delivered to the customer directly. The SMS service is generally used for different purposes such as recruiting, marketing, customer care services, etc.

The widespread popularity of SMS marketing is also due to the reason that there is an increase in mobile usage all over the world. Also every message sent will be read by the users. Companies can also directly send their messages to the customers, irrespective of the location of the customer and the time.

Bulk SMS has become an important advertising and marketing tool to promote business because it not only creates awareness about a brand but also helps in reaching huge potential markets and large number of customers within short time. By using the bulk SMS marketing service, a business can send the text message containing description about the product, price or any other information to a customer group with a single click.

Benefits of SMS marketing
SMS marketing is an easy to execute marketing strategy. Not much budget is required by a company for using this particular marketing tool. Hence, SMS marketing is considered a profitable and cost-effective marketing strategy.

adserverFollowing are the benefits of SMS marketing:

  • Increase of sales and generate repeated sales
  • SMS marketing not only helps in generating sales, it also enhances the brand exposure
  • Highly personalized messages can be sent directly to the target customers
  • SMS marketing can be used to send important information to key customers or suppliers of the raw materials
  • Mobile messaging helps the business in providing value added services at a marginal cost
  • Automatic relay of critical information is possible through mobile marketing
  • With the help of the mobile marketing and advertising, business people can communicate almost to everybody and consumer groups of every segment better

With SMS marketing, a company can inform its distributors about the launch of new products, changes in pricing and specifications and about shipping the products. The company can also maintain customer relationship management by sending wishes on birthdays, anniversaries and on special days. It can be used to inform consumers about special discounts and offers, and to send SMS invitations to customer on product launches and events organized by the company. Read the rest of this post

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Apr 12, 2012

BBC Radio Presenter Died After Taking Drugs

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Drug Abuse is seen mostly among the elite group especially in case of expensive drugs. Moreover, celebrities from different fields are often associated with drug abuse. A similar situation happened to one of the radio presenters which cost him his life.

The BBC radio presenter George Webley died of a heart attack after consuming the illelgal drug mephedrone. He was popularly known as Big George, aged about 53 and was found dead at his home in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. He had been working at London 94.9 as a presenter and was also known to compose tunes for few popular shows.

Mephedrone, a class B drug has been found in his blood and recorded as a verdict of misadventure. This drug which is called as ‘meow meow’ was made illegal during last year.

George also suffered a heart attack in 1996, however the doctors now reported that his death was given as ischaemic heart disease and illicit use of cathinones, an extract from a plant called khat.

This news again reflected the harm caused by illicit drug abuse particularly on the older adults. Even though the number of deaths are increasing due to illicit drug abuse, people are not bothered about it. They are not much concerned about their later life, but are thinking about the present joy and excitement.

They never knew how their families suffer after their loss and moreover, when it is revealed that a family lost their member due to drug abuse, the remaining family members will also be disrespected by the entire society.

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Mar 31, 2012

Philippines Rank Fourth as Main Source for Drugs, While China in Top

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During the anniversary of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, its Vice president announced that Philippine stood fourth in Asia among the main sources of illegal drugs, while china is the top drug destination in the region. In terms of point of origin of illegal drugs in Asia, Malaysia tops the list with 24% followed by Macau, and Thailand. Nepal and Philippine stood at fourth position followed by Vietnam and other Asian countries.

This sounds some what alarming for Philippine’s government and the state is planning to adopt new national drug policy that will classify illegal drugs not only as a peace and order problem but also as a health issue. The authorities are much concerned about the public health now since the laws against manufacturers, pushers and users only could result in putting more people in jail but not necessarily cure addiction.

Observing the more advancements other countries are adopting, Philippine’s government decided to do more on this problem to prevent drug addiction. They are trying to increase the budget for rehabilitation and counseling and to conduct some anti drug campaign, which will make a positive turn and would draw the youth away from the consumption of any legal or illegal drugs.

This is a good initiative taken by the Philippine’s government, which shows its concern towards the public health. Hope these schemes and campaigns create more awareness among drug addicts about the dangers of abusing drugs and prevent them from its harmful effects.

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Mar 31, 2012

One in the Five have Knowingly Taken Lift from a Drunken Driver

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It is quite common in people to do errors unknowingly, without their knowledge. But what if they do it knowingly. Yes, a recent study revealed that people even after knowing the fact that the driver is drunken still asked him for a lift.

The survey was conducted by AA Motor Insurance Poll, in which it was found out that one in the five respondents admitted that they have knowingly taken the lift from a driver whose drinking limit exceeded the legal blood alcohol level of 0.8mg within the last two years.

This poll received nearly 14,000 responses revealing that the higher portion of 17-24 years old which accounts 26.1% have accepted the lift from someone they know that they had alcohol over the legal limit.

The officials from the policy said that even the passengers do not have the right to break the law themselves in any circumstances and suggest them to have a moral responsibility. They also told that Alcohol driving is the third contributing factor of road accidents and the people taking the lift should consider the above fact.

The people polled in the survey also admitted that they had got in to a car with a driver they knew to be in a very bad hangover. Nearly 35.6% of them had this kind of lift at least once within the last two years.

45% also told that they had driven in the morning after the night before they had alcohol and they are not sure whether they had returned to legally permissible levels. The study also showed that 49.8% of men compared to 39.7% of women have taken this drive at the same point within the last two years.

This stats reveal that how people are careless about lives and how they are encouraging the fellowmen to go against the rules and indirectly making most of the accidents happen.

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Mar 31, 2012

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sued for Fueling His Drug Addiction

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The death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop is really a great loss to the entertainment industry. The investigations about his death are still going on and a latest development in the case is suing Micheal’s personal doc for fueling his drug addiction.

Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein has been accused for providing him with the pain killers and the muscle relaxers which led him to prescription drug addiction. For some time his doctor Conrad Murray was in this story. But now according to the lawsuit filed by Dr. Klein’s former assistant Jason Pfeiffer, Klein provided serious drugs to Jackson.

The assistant added saying that these drug made Jackson unable to stand on his own. He was often told by his boss, to help Jackson to his car because he was so out of it. Even though he and Klein’s nurses warned him about the over medication, they were always told to shut their mouths.

He was also claiming that Klein tried to give Jackson, prescription muscle relaxers in 2009 by writing the prescription in Pfeiffer’s name. Other documents are also stating that Klein used to write many prescriptions for numerous sedatives and painkillers in Pfeiffer’s name for his own consumption as well as for other patients.

Besides this lawsuit filed by Pfeiffer, DR. Murray also accused Klein of getting Jackson addicted to Demerol, a narcotic. He gave Jackson 51 Demerol injections in three months before Jackson’s death.

These claims are seriously denied by Klein and his attorney said in a statement that all these things are false and scurrilous and will be proven baseless in the court.

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Mar 31, 2012

Mobile Bill Payment is Growing Very Fast: Reports

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The mobile bill payment is growing very fast in the youngsters these days. The bill payment through mobile is getting more popular all over the world. A new report released in 2010, says that the mobile payment is the fastest growing channel in the US consumer market. Specially the people who are in the age group 18- 34 are very much interested to make mobile bill payments and they feel comfortable with the mobile bill payment. The report is given by the AITE group which conducted the research on 4696 consumers in U.S.

The AITE research and advisory firm says that the number of bills paid by Americans through their mobile phones will grow to 377% in the year 2010 – 2013. The study analyzes the present growth of bill payments through various options. The payment through online will grow to 18 %, using the debit cards will be 4% and through payment calls it will grow to 1%. The study also found that there is decrease in the direct person bill payment and mail bill payment of 5% and 6% respectively.

Worldwide, the mobile bill payment users will increase to 1.5 billion by the year 2012, and it will grow to 1 trillion in the future, according to the GSM Association.

Overall the globe volume of payments will increase to $ 170 billion this year, and it will grow to $630 billion by the year 2014, according to a report from Juniper Research.

The new survey conducted by the Accenture has published that the mobile users who were very much interested in mobile payments were in Asia with 69%. Americans and Europeans are less interested in mobile bill payment with 26% in both countries.

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Mar 16, 2012

US Auto Industry Plans to Hit 14 Million Vehicles Sales for 2012: Market Analysts

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US auto market has showed optimistic sales performance for 2011. All of the car manufacturers have received positive sales growth. After experiencing decline sales growth in 2009, the US automakers have received positive sales growth continuously since then.

As usual the market analysts forecast the 2012 sales to be around 14 million units. Automotive analysts in Detroit auto show conference revealed 2012 sales to be between 13.3 million to 13.9 million units.

An analyst from PWC autofacts had also predicted that the US automakers will receive 14 million unit sales for 2012 and will see the positive sales growth.

Retail sales, light vehicle sales and used-car sales in US have increased rapidly and the underlying demand of new cars in US has also increased. Upgrading manufacturing facilities, technology developments are also expected to boost 2012 sales.

An economist of National Automobile Dealers Association has predicted that the US auto sales for 2012 to be around 13.9million units, after considering the 2011 (12.8million units) sales performance. He also expected that light trucks, luxury cars and passenger cars will receive greater sales value than earlier”. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 16, 2012

Mercedes is the Leading Luxury Car Segment for December, 2011 in US

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The competitors in the luxury segment in the US auto market are few. Those are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These two are closely competing to lead the segment. As on 10th December, 2011, Mercedes-Benz leads the segment by selling 5,000 units more than the competitor (BMW).

Mercedes-Benz reached their deliveries successfully with the help of C-Class, E-Class and redesigned M-Class models. Mercedes-Benz increased these brand sales growth with 47% to sell 26,796 units. Mercedes-Benz C-Class increased its sales value by double the number for November to 8,358 units from 3,930 units (last year same period).

Mercedes-Benz got lineup boost to production, they are increasing production for redesigned M-Class SUVs and C-Class sedans. These both models got good performance support in the US auto market. In November, M-Class deliveries saw 38% growth with 4,976 units getting delivered.

Industry analysts of say that, there is a neck to neck competition among the luxury brands, we cannot say who will lead the market. December is traditionally best to Mercedes-Benz in sales, and it may lead the luxury segment at the end of the year. Read the rest of this post

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Mar 16, 2012