Accessing the Digital World with Mobile Internet

Smartphones have worked their way into the lives of the majority of Americans owing to its portability and convenience. The year 2015 saw an all-time high in the number of mobile internet subscribers and the number is said to get bigger by the year 2020 where it is projected to reach more than 250 million users. The USA has been named as a leading country, among few others, that has adopted the smartphone technology extremely well and hence leading to the mobile internet usage growth in the USA. Two of the popularly preferred brands in the country are Apple as well as Samsung.

More people are dependent on their mobile phones for digital access. Studies suggest that at least 88% of internet users are expected to go online using devices like their laptops or desktops and at least 8 in 10 users will access the internet through their mobile devices. This number will definitely rise steadily both in the young as well as the old age groups. This mobile internet usage growth in the USA is expected to be at a rate of 8.7% caused by affordable smartphones. Americans have also been using their tablets quite seriously in terms of the internet. In 2016 every two users out of three have been known to use the internet from their tablet. 2012 was the year of the tablets where audience growth reached 182.4%. However, this mobile device may not gain so much momentum as a mobile phone and may even slowly decline. The main reason for this decline could be the fact that one household can easily manage with one tablet. Each member of a house may not necessarily own a tablet in order to access the internet. They can easily share it amongst themselves.

Since the year 1994, the internet has been used by millions of people for various purposes all over the world and within a few years, it became an extremely important platform. This platform literally changed the way people did business and the way they communicated. Mobile technology has definitely changed the way Americans use the internet giving them a new way to communicate through social media platforms. Facebook is the largest social media platform today that encourages mobile users to access the digital world.

Surveys about mobile usage habits have revealed that almost 89 percent users look at their mobile phones within one hour after they wake up in the morning. Smartphone ownership has also increased over the years to 82 percent with the younger generation scoring a little over the older generation. This penetration of the mobile phones has steadily allowed the rise of communication services. Reading the news on their mobile devices is another regular activity users indulge in resulting in a constant mobile internet usage growth in the USA. In addition, payments are also being made using the mobile devices. Net banking, e-commerce, retail, gaming are only a few of the things that internet users access in the digital world.