Beautiful Miniature Plants for Indoors

There are many types of garden for the gardening and miniature garden is one of the types. Miniature gardening is a way of enhancing the miniature housesimagination. In miniature gardening tiny trees and varieties of accessories are used to make it as a fairy garden. It is a perfect example of garden because miniature garden is also used to educate children. Miniature garden does not need much time and efforts and can be maintained easily even by children.

The trend of having miniature garden is increasing for indoor as well as outdoor purpose. Creating the miniature garden inside the home means adding more value to home or making it more beautiful. Colorful and beautifully shaded flowers and leaves look fantastic when it is kept on stairs, roof or hanged on railing or wall. This is a good source to attract the butterflies and birds which also creates a beautiful scene. Most people from urban area prefer to have miniature garden inside their home because of having the less greenery around their house. It creates good environment inside the home where everyone feels attached with nature by looking at trees. Miniature tree help in to breath in a healthy environment. There are many plants available which grow very well in indoor miniature garden.

  • Coleus plant is a fast growing plant and available in wide range of color combination ( red, maroon, yellow, pink, green, ivory, brown) and leaf LED growlightspatterns. Wherever the plant is placed, it enhances the beauty of that place. Coleus plants that are grown in containers need more watering comparing to those coleus plants that are grown on ground. This plant is easy to propagate and grows best in average sunny area.
  • Mexican heather is a hardy and drought tolerant plant. Container of this plant can be kept in sunlight or half shaded area. It grows better in pots as well as on ground. Watering for mexican heather needed to be done often because it dries the container soil fast. However, over watering can affect the growth of the plant. Mexican heather is a semi evergreen plant and does not need much pruning.
  • Croton plant is treated as one of the decor that makes the part of home more beautiful. Leaves of this plant comes in different combination i.e.miniature garden short long, short, thin, thick & coiled. Croton plant basically grow better in tropical climates and needed to be placed at half shaded area. It is considered as one of the best houseplants that enhances the beauty of any place. The process of growing, propagation and cultivation of this plant is very easy. It blooms in different shades like green, pink, red, yellow, orange or mixture of all these colors.