Free Web Hosting: Basic Features

Hosting companies allow website creators to host the content of their website on company’s servers and allow it for access to people through the world wide web. Free web hosting forms one type in web hosting.

In free web hosting the web host provides space to servers without charging them and users can easily upload their web site content to this space. This makes a good option in case of new marketers as they make a user friendly approach and with the process involved in uploading web site to their servers is simple.

Features of free web hostingcheck website status
Few most common features a good free web hosting provider should offer are as follows:

Band width and disk space

  • Band width refers to the extent of traffic allowed to access and leave a particular web site.
  • In case if your website contains photographs or other graphics then greater band width and higher storage are required.
  • While disk space indicates the amount of space for storage assigned to the creator by the free web hosting provider where it is used to store web site files which may include images, text, audio etc.

File transfer protocol(FTP) and website creatorsite monitoring

  • Beginners in website creation choose a free web hosting provider offering an application with free website creation.
  • In this application one can create their website by selecting a particular template and adding in images and texts.
  • Ftp is the protocol which deals in transferring files of website from computer to web hosting server and also allows you to download your files back from the server to your computer.
  • A good web hosting provider need to offer an unrestricted FTP access 24/7.

Up time and support

  • Always choose a web hosting service with free, reliable email and telephone support.
  • The web host provider should ensure the measures to limit email and website down time to minimal.
  • The measures usually include redundant hardware and network configurations, on site back up power supply, network monitoring and 24/7 server.

Emailwebsite monitor

  • Free web hosting providers have to provide with email services for setting up accounts.
  • Along with the web mail interface the email service also have to be included with SMTP and POP3 access where the account scan be accessed on your mobile devices.

The above article represents the basic features a free web hosting server should be included in.