Google Authorship for Auto Dealerships to Get Higher Click Throughs

Google Authorship has began with the Google’s implementation of massive social network Google + (Google Plus). Google plus is an attempt by Google to directly compete with Facebook.

  • Google authorship: Through Google Authorship, Google allows the author to associate the content to publish with the Google plus profile. It pulls profile photos or images and other information into search engine results pages of the content author. The process for applying Google authorship is relatively simple. There seems to be no exact reason to whose authorship requests will Google chooses to approve. So the application process is easy enough that it is worth applying.
  • Why Google authorship? Google has its own social media platform. It pushes benefits to tying this platform into the websites. Google has also integrated voting buttons that allow users to “+1″ (as Facebook “Likes”) content and also to share content on their Google plus time line. The other useful feature is ability to claim for the content on a website or web page by simply linking it to your personal Google plus profile. The benefits of this are:
    • More exposure for your Google plus page.
    • Ability to get analytic data about social engagement.
    • From organic search results you can get higher click through ratios.
    • Increased credibility prior to the visitors clicking through to your website.
    • Satisfaction of knowing as you are more advanced than competitors.
  • How to apply: It just takes a few minutes to apply for the Google authorship. Just follow the steps below:
    • Check that your Google plus profile page has a recognizable head shot profile photo.
    • Make sure taht you have an email address (for example, on the same domain as your content ( If you do not have an email address on the same domain of your content has, Google has an alternative method to link your content to the Google plus profile with a simple verification.
    • In the About section of Google plus profile page, add that email address. So it is easy for Google to associate your Google plus account with your dealership domain.
    • Make sure for each article you publish on that domain has a byline clear identification as you are the author (for example, “Author: John Doe” or “By John Doe”).
    • Furthermore, check if byline name matches the name on your Google plus profile.

You can create dealership’s business or personal Google plus pages on which you can connect with your friends. Google plus has been continuously raising with users, and with many features they have implemented since they launched. It is quickly becoming one of the widely used social media platforms.