Top Eight Fuel Efficient Cars of 2013

With the price of fuel getting higher, people are looking for purchasing cars that use less fuel for a given mileage. Today, fuel efficiency is the major selling factor for vehicles. The more fuel-efficient the car is, the higher it sells. Keeping these things in mind, auto traders in US listed some of the fuel efficient car brands in 2013. This article mentions fuel-efficient cars of the year 2013.

Fuel efficient cars of 2013

1) Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z offers four cylinder engine and has a sporty look. It features a design cabin built with high quality and soft touch materials. It has comfortable seats with good legroom area. Moreover, it has more cargo space than others. It consumes less fuel and is listed as one of the fuel efficient brands in 2013. The mileage of Honda CR-Z is 37 miles per gallon.

2) Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark has four cylinder engine, and is one of the most fuel efficient cars in 2013 and gives a mileage of 34 miles per gallon. Chevrolet spark also offers spacious cabin area and great outside visibility.

3) Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius comes with high tech features with practical functions and bring to users, and is top rated for fuel economy. It gives a mileage of 50 miles per gallon. Not only it has superior fuel economy, but has features such as high tech and a comfortable ride.

4) Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius C beats other cars in terms of fuel economy. It gives an mileage estimation of 50 miles per gallon. It has a roomy interior and offers favorable pricing.

5) Toyota Prius V
Toyota Prius V has a station wagon body that makes a family car. It is rated as one of the fuel efficient cars in the United States. It gives a mileage of 42 miles per gallon.

6) Ford C-Max
It has been rated top fuel efficient car recently. The car gives a mileage of 43 miles per gallon. It carries more passengers with comfort and serves best alternative for those who consider minivan.

7) Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen TDI
A car with a superior fuel economy, Volkswagen Jetta TDI offers comfort with nice interior, huge cargo area and smooth, refined ride. It gives a mileage of 34 miles per gallon.

8) Scion iQ
Scion iQ, a highly fuel efficient car that gives a mileage of 37 miles per gallon which makes it an ideal car in the city. It offers surprising comfort and standard features that are easy to use. Though it is one of the smallest cars, it offers spacious legroom area.

With the improvement in technology, many highly fuel efficient cars have come up. These cars are not only economical in terms of fuel consumption, but also fulfill everyday driving needs.