Types of Cars Based on General Classification

Every car is categorized into a specific classification. The classification is for the purpose of taxation, size of the vehicle and its function. There are many classifications for vehicles. The manufacturing companies and other organizations create separate classifications of vehicles for different reasons and requirements.

Sometimes classifying cars is not easy. For the purpose of describing vehicles, automobile manufacturers and organizations use some basic categories. To determine different aspects of vehicles and for tax purposes, vehicle classification is made by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration and the Federal Highway Administration. These standards are generally used by automobile industries.

  • Subcompact cars: Subcompact cars generally in 165 inches or 4191 mm in length. And the weight is less than 2500 lbs. As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the subcompact car has between 85 cubic feet and 99 cubic feet of interior volume. These are smaller than a compact car and larger than a micro car.
  • Compact cars: These are larger than the subcompact cars and smaller than the mid-sized cars. As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, for international models approximately 175 inches or 4450 mm. And for the United States it is 161 inches or 4100 mm long.
  • Mid-sized cars: Mid-sized cars have the facility to accommodate 4 or 5 passengers. The weight of a mid-sized car is between 3000 lbs to 3499 lbs. The design length is between 110 cubic foot and 119 cubic foot. These are larger than the compact cars.
  • Full sized cars: These are larger than the mid sized cars. It has the facility or comfort to accommodate at least six or seven people. Full sized cars built weight is 3500 lbs. These are with a length of 102 cubic foot or more.
  • Station Wagon: Station wagon is also called as estate car. They are comfortable to sit and can accommodate 5 or 7 people. These can be classified as compact size, mid size or full size. The station wagons have extended interior with a third seat or extended rear cargo area or luggage platform accessed through car. In that place we can carry small and midsized items. The station wagon cars in the early days used to collect the people and their baggage from railway station because of its advertisement. Some of these cars are still consider as passenger carrying.

Before you buy a car check with these classifications. Based on the members the car will accommodate you can choose a car after inquiring with different companies on different models.