Volkswagen is Increasing Its Sales in the US Auto Market

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is getting a good sales response in the US auto market, it got the 35.6% sales growth for September, 2011 which more than the previous year, it sold 27,036 vehicles for this month. The cumulative sales growth for this year is found to be 22.2%.

The officials from Volkswagen America Incorporation have said that they are planning to expand their product portfolio by introducing new models with advanced technologies. As per the changing continuous consumer requirements, Volkswagen is designing models with the help of German engineers and advanced technologies. It has introduced new models, Passat and Beetle in this September.

Volkswagen Jetta total sales for the year were 15,023 units with 39.5% increase over the last year. Volkswagen’s GIT model vehicles increased its sales with 43.4% growth, while Golf model vehicles also increased their sales with 19.4% growth. Volkswagen’s sports utility models, Touareg and Tiguan models increased their sales value with 104.4% and 22.8% respectively. Volkswagen’s high-mileage, diesel car TDI models increased its sales value with 22.7% for September, 2011 and 41% for year-to-date sales growth. Volkswagen is introducing its vehicles with advanced technology having more safety facilities.