Volkswagen Launched Limited Editions of Polo & Vento Models in India

The German motors said that they are launching very limited units of their products into the Indian auto market. These limited edition of its products are termed as ‘action models’ by Volkswagen. They are introducing new variants of Volkswagen Polo and Vento models. The interesting news is that these new variants are available at the same price as their old variants. They want to introduce these models in the festive seasons only. Volkswagen has introduced these models in the 77 dealership centers across India.

According to the economic times data, Volkswagen is introducing new Volkswagen models Polo Breeze in petrol version and Vento Breeze in both petrol and diesel versions.

Polo model cars come with the state of satellite navigation system, rear parking distance control, leatherette seat covers, breeze stickers, breeze pillows and mat. Volkswagen Vento model cars will be added with the touch screen audio screen multimedia player, with GPS, USB and blue-tooth connectivity.

With these new models, Volkswagen is all set to improve its stand further in the Indian auto market.