US Auto Industry Plans to Hit 14 Million Vehicles Sales for 2012: Market Analysts

US auto market has showed optimistic sales performance for 2011. All of the car manufacturers have received positive sales growth. After experiencing decline sales growth in 2009, the US automakers have received positive sales growth continuously since then.

As usual the market analysts forecast the 2012 sales to be around 14 million units. Automotive analysts in Detroit auto show conference revealed 2012 sales to be between 13.3 million to 13.9 million units.

An analyst from PWC autofacts had also predicted that the US automakers will receive 14 million unit sales for 2012 and will see the positive sales growth.

Retail sales, light vehicle sales and used-car sales in US have increased rapidly and the underlying demand of new cars in US has also increased. Upgrading manufacturing facilities, technology developments are also expected to boost 2012 sales.

An economist of National Automobile Dealers Association has predicted that the US auto sales for 2012 to be around 13.9million units, after considering the 2011 (12.8million units) sales performance. He also expected that light trucks, luxury cars and passenger cars will receive greater sales value than earlier”.