US Auto Industry is Emerging as the Strong Car Exporter

Auto sales in US is increasing over the last few consecutive months. It has recorded positive sales growth for last year as well as for January. Along with sales, US auto industry becoming stronger with auto exports. The US is becoming a huge auto exporter over next few years.

His automotive compiled the US export number for 2010 exported 1.4 million units and in 2011 exported 1.56 million units. They forecast the 2012 exports at 1.65 million units and 2015 fore cast export number is 2.02 million units.

US is increasing its vehicle exports considering all car manufactures. Vehicle exports from US is increasing due to drop in labor cost and efficiency increased due to changes implemented after the auto industry collapse.

The US exports passenger cars and trucks to Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico. There US cars have more demand and customers use US brand cars more. US exports their cars to China also, in China also US cars have good demand.