Mercedes-Benz Launched Its C-class Version Car

German based luxury car manufacturing Mercedes-Benz launched new model ‘C-class car’ in the Indian auto market on 1st September 2011. Mercedes-Benz is powerful in the luxury car category. This new C-class car is introduced with better engine which reduces the carbon emission. This model comes with new designed LED headlamps.

Mercedes-Benz first showed its new C-class 2011 car images on 2010 December. Later in the January 2011, it unveiled this car at Detroit auto show. The car is highly proced. Its price is 25% more than its closer competitor. The new C-class Mercedes-Benz comes in petrol version at Rs.29.79 lakh and in diesel version at Rs.32.30 lakh.

The facilities of new Mercedes-Benz C-class car are also advanced, it comes with the 4 cylinder petrol engine with 7G-Tronic gearbox, 1.8 petrol version engine, automatic engine start and stop facilities, new dash board with high resolution touchscreen, new gear ration and better economy.

World premier car manufacturing company Mercedes-Benz is taking every action for producing environmental friendly cars. The new C-class version car is designed to reduce the carbon emission, thus protecting environment.