BMW Increased Car Sales by 5.8% for January, 2012: US

BMW group sales for January in US increased: BMW group ( BMW and Mini combined) posted 5.8% sales growth for January. It sold 19,739 units in January month which is more than last year sales 18,656 units.

BMW brand sales for January increased with 3.4% to reported 16,405 units sales. Passenger cars posted 11,826 unit sales with 3.4%, light trucks posted 4,579 units with 2.4% and mini brand models posted 334 unit sales with 21.2%.

BMW’s best performing vehicle X3 model reported 56.9% sales growth to sold 1,687 units in January month. 6Series model car reported highest sales growth with 392.8% to post 409 unit sales and 7Series models also reported good sales with 56.1% growth to posted 977 unit sales.

Mr. Ludwig Willisch BMW North America president and CEO said, January sales are the springboard for a year, we will be introducing new models in this year, sixth generation 3series models coming up in mid-February. He extends “We are replenishing our dealers as fast as we need to meet the market demands”.